Living In a Little Luxury: Trump Miami and Blogalicious

This the very first time I’ve ever been to Miami and I must say it’s a fabulous place to visit! It’s October. It’s 80 plus degress. The sun is beaming splendidly. The pace is fast. You get the picture.

I am down here for the annual Blogalicious conference where I will be speaking about finding your tribe as a blogger. As a blogger since 2004 I know a little about finding and even creating your own tribe. Be sure to follow the #blogalicious10 hashtag on Twitter to see all the action, information, and blogging and social media tips.

While I’m here in Miami I am staying at the Trump International in Suny Isles, about 30 minutes frm South Beach! It is beyond fabulous. I love it.  Why? Because they believe in paying attetion to the details.  I travel a lot and I know it’s the little things that matter.

Chanel’s Iridescent eye shadow

One of the best makeup buys I made this year was Chanel’s Iridescent eye shadow, or their Ombre D’eau. I have it in Cascade and it really makes your eyes pop and is so easy to apply.

I learned the application technique of adding a touch of light eyeshadow when I was in Santa Barbara with EA Sports last year. One of their professional makeup artists put a dab of white eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes. I loved the way it looked.

Find it on

The New 2011 Dodge Durango


For Labor Day weekend we rented a Dodge caravan for our little mini-vacay and it was in a word — phenomenal! Seriously, we are thinking about buying a minivan now because of how spacious and comfortable it was.

This weekend, I was also really excited to hear about Dodge’s new 2011 Durango. According to Dodge, the new Durango offers 45 safety and security features. I know this is vitally important to families.

A few years ago we rented a Dodge Durango when we took a trip to Arlington, VA to visit my mother and it was a gas guzzler! Now, however, Dodge has reformulated how the Durango uses fuel and drivers can now drive the equivalent of going from Detroit to New York City or San Diego to San Francisco without having to stop for fuel. I don’t know how they did it, but that is very impressive news. Having driven a Durango years ago, I just hope it’s true!

Check out the new 2011 Dodge Durango at


Two Promising Memoirs: One by Michele Norris of All Things Considered and Condolezza Rice

It’s a crying shame that as a busy mother and business owner that I don’t have time like I used to to simply delve into books at my leisure. I spend so much time working and mothering that books far too often fall to tenth and eleventh place in my priority spectrum. That said, I want to let you know about two upcoming memoirs that just may move up to sixth or even fifth place.

Michele Norris, the beloved host of All Things Considered, has penned a memoir, The Grace of Silence, about race, but in doing her research she unearthed hidden secrets from her own family. It sounds like a great book. In fact, it has been heavily endorsed by Henry Louis Gates, Gwen Ifill, Tom Brokaw, Richard Wolf and Doris Kearns Goodwin. With their recommendations I know it’s good!

And, Condoleeza Rice is back in the limelight with a book about her family, Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family. I have been wondering where in the world she has been hiding. Apparently behind a computer screen like the rest of us.

Beauty Products from Global Girlfriend

Have you ever heard of Global Girlfriend? I hadn’t either until I received information about their beauty picks.

Global Girlfriend is a company that brings woman-made products from around the world to us. Not only are the products at Global Girlfriend all woman made, but they are also fair trade and eco-friendly.

There are really fantastic beauty products at Global Girlfriend like the Bosa Body Lotion from Kenya.

The Bosa Body Lotion is made from organic coconut oil and is free of harsh chemicals. Cost: $12.50 for 6 oz. The Bosa Body Lotiono empowers Kenyan women with jobs and economic development.

Also, take a look at the Kenyan marula oil. It is cold-pressed from the marual fruit and used for its restorative properties. Cost: $28.00 for 2 oz bottle.

On the Net:

A Pea In a Pod’s Swimwear and MilkMakers Cookies

While the summer is quickly drawing to a close there are still many days at the beach and the pool left before we have to officially put away our summer wear.

A Pea in the Pod has you covered — literally!

Check out these fabulous one pieces, including the smocked maternity tankini swimsuit in navy. Plus, A Pea in the Pod has a $20 off $100 purchase that ends TODAY! Be sure to take advantage of the savings!


While breastfeeding is a breeze for some moms, for others it can be a challenge. If you are having difficulty producing enough milk for your little one, consider MilkMakers.

MilkMakers are cookies that come packed with ingredients that help increase your milk supply like oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seed. Moms are advised to eat one to two MilkMakers each day to increase milk supply. And the packages can be stored in the freezer to maintain freshness.

Click the MilkMakers site to order.

Parent Bloggers Experience Lexus Safety

I must admit: I don’t know much about cars, but I do know I want to keep my family safe in the car I drive. Lexus understands that. And, honestly, with all the recalls lately, they know they have to get this right and they have.

Last week I traveled to California for the Lexus Family Safety Camp and in four short hours I learned a tremendous amount about how important features such as Anti-Lock Brakes and Vehicle Stability Control are to the overall safety of those driving and riding in their vehicles. I know most of you already know and understand how important these are but for those of us who were at the safety camp we were able to see how cars perform that don’t have these features. Scary!

One of the features of Lexus vehicles that really caught my attention was their Brake Override System. At the end of this year all Lexus vehicles will have the Brake Override System. Essentially, this technology tells the car that even if you are driving and your car is in full throttle if you press the brake firmly your car will stop. Period.

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Beautify Your Backyard: Five Tips to Create a Homegrown Sanctuary

Today we welcome GE Lighting who is guest posting about lighting your backyard.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, homeowners will be spending more time in the outdoors, especially in their own backyards. Here are a few tips on how you can turn this space into a summer sanctuary:

  • Create an extension of your home with your deck, gazebo or sunroom. Decorate the space with the same fabrics, furniture and accents as the house’s interior to create an outdoor escape. You’ll have the perfect romantic getaway or relaxing nook without leaving your property.
  • Breathe new life into old furniture and reupholster cherished pieces with all-weather fabrics. For items that are wicker or wood, grab a can of paint and a brush to add flowers, swirls and polka dots for a fun, garden theme. For the more artistic decorator, these shapes can be done freehand, or run to your local craft store for stencils and embellishments.
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Deliver My Baby + Motherhood and Feminism

It can be difficult to assess whether you want to have your baby delivered by a midwife or obstetrician. When I was pregnant with my second daughter I initially wanted to choose a midwife, but decided to go with an obstetrician simply because I vibed with the obstetrician better. Today, I would definitely choose a midwife, though, because I would want a more natural alternative for childbirth.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives’ (ACNM) has put together a web site,, that helps you better form a decision about delivering your baby.

New Book: Motherhood and Feminism

A new book, Motherhood and Feminism, has recently been published by Seal Press. I was delighted to see Mommy Too! magazine was featured in it. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but will be digging into it while I travel this month.

To learn more about Motherhood and Feminism, visit

Land O’Frost Brand Ambassador

On Monday, Land O’Frost’s community site for moms launched. It’s called Land O’Moms and I am proud to say I am one of three brand ambassadors for Land O’ Frost.

I am thrilled to be able to lend my voice as a mom of daughters who are inching closer to their tween years. Additionally, my family eats Land O’Frost lunch meats anyway, so the partnership is a definite win-win.

Right now on you can download a coupon for $2 of Land O’Frost Premium. Get the coupons while you can. They’re going quickly!

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