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Health and Beauty Tuesday: Kmart’s Share the Word Campaign Launches With Steve Harvey

As a blogger I have worked closely with Kmart and I have always had a great experience with them. I had the privilege of being dressed by some of their designers last year at Blogher, which was really fun and an amazing experience. I love how Kmart is working hard to improve their products and reach their customers.

Now, Kmart has teamed up with Steve Harvey for their new Share the Word ( campaign which is designed to provide valuable resources to their customers during Black History Month. This year, their focus is beauty and wellness.

Steve Harvey launched the Share the Word campaign last Monday in Atlanta.  And in Chicago (Kmart, 4101 W. 95th Street, Oak Lawn) on Feb.  27 celebrity hair stylist to the stars Johnny Wright will bring the expertise he’s gained through work with his A-list clientele.  Wright will offer his favorite healthy hair tips, provide hair assessments and make suggestions to Kmart customers.

Steve Harvey talks relationships and love to customers at Kmart, 230 Cleveland Ave SW., Atlanta on Monday, February 8. The event, coinciding with Black History Month, is part of the company's 'Share the Word' Beauty and Wellness program designed to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of African-American women. (John Amis / AP Images for Sears Holdings Corp )
Steve Harvey hugs an excited fan while speaking to customers at a Kmart store, 230 Cleveland Ave SW., Atlanta on Monday, February 8. The event, coinciding with Black History Month, is part of the company's 'Share the Word' Beauty and Wellness program designed to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of African-American women. (John Amis / AP Images for Sears Holdings Corp )

If you are on Twitter and want to follow the conversation, check out #sharetheword.

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Valentine’s Day Sizzles for Expectant Moms

Mothers Work, Inc.On Christmas Eve I was complaining on Twitter because it wasn’t even Christmas  yet and Target was already putting out Valentine’s Day items. But if you stop to think about it, Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it!

Destination Maternity understand how fast time flies, from nine months for pregnant moms to seasonally for the rest of us.

This Valentine’s Day, Motherhood Maternity has you covered with 3/4 Sleeve Faux Wrap Maternity Dress in deep red ($29.98). Also check out the Sleeveless Babydoll Maternity Blouse ($68.00) the and Long Sleeve Button Front Maternity Shirt ($29.98)

Discovering the Real John Henry + a Review of the TwitterPeek

Ain't Nothing but a Man: My Quest to Find the Real John Henry Ain’t Nothing but a Man: My Quest to Find the Real John Henry by Scott Reynolds Nelson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Even though Ain’t Nothing But A Man: My Quest to Find the Real John Henry is a children’s book I had a real problem putting it down. That is certainly not to say the content will fly over the head of children. Rather, the content is so stellar it will keeps kids and adults alike riveted to the pages as the author recounts his quest to find the real John Henry. Read more after the jump.


On Christmas Eve I decided to take my TwitterPeek with me when I went shopping to see how it worked. I received the TwitterPeek to review and I wanted to take it out into the field, so to speak.

The TwitterPeek is a device that allows you to mobile tweet only. You can’t check your email and you cannot surf the Net. The only function of the TwitterPeek is to use Twitter.

Although I had some initial problems with it because apparently you can’t use the same email as the one that’s synched to your Peek ( if you have one), the TwitterPeek proved to be a great device, especially for those who can’t tweet from their phone.

The TwitterPeek allows you to see tweets come in, respond to tweets, write your own tweets and see your @ mentions. Additionally you can see images that people upload into their Twitter stream and read links.
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Spa Goodness

As busy women and mothers we always set lofty goals for relaxation and de-stressing before our health tanks or our minds become cluttered beyond recognition. In 2010 we should really commit to spending time on ourselves, don’t you think?

It sounds terribly cliché, I know, but when we are in desperate need of stress relief, that’s too late. That’s certainly not to say we should spend a whole heap of money on expensive spa treatments. But relishing a good facial is worth the money, even if it’s only once a quarter.

Visit to find a spa in your area. Not only is Spa Finder a comprehensive spa directory, you can also write and read reviews and discover great spa deals.

Checking Your Thyroid During Pregnancy + Maternity Style

The second most likely diagnosed disease during pregnancy behind breast cancer is thyroid cancer. We don’t hear about thyroid disease very often, but an estimated 20 million people have been diagnosed with some form of thyroid disorder. Pregnant women with undiagnosed or inadequately treated hypothyroidism have an increased risk of miscarriage, preterm delivery, and severe developmental problems in their children.

The risk of hypothyroidism goes up during pregnancy and even after delivery, so the next time you have a prenatal visit, make sure to talk to your O.B. about your thyroid.

Click here to read, Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy, an online brochure from the American Thyroid Association.

Maternity Must-Have

If there is one thing that’s certain it’s this: Being pregnant is not the time to lose your sense of style. In fact, it’s the perfect time to push the limits of your style creativity. Thanks to forward-thinking, hip designers you can do that.

This 100% Make Love Not War funky maternity tee from Spunky Sprout will make your belly stand out in the crowd and put a little pep in your step when you’re out and about.

Find the tee on Price: $56.00

West Elm’s 65% Off Sale,

West Elm, the modern, contemporary furniture arm of Williams-Sonoma, is having a sale of up to 65% off some really great pieces to brighten up your home decor for the new year. A few items I think are great buys: striped jute cotton rug ($12.99) — chunky plaited wool rug ($59.97) — organic clover bath mat ($24.99) — teak bath shelf ($39.99 – $89.99).

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Have you seen Palmolive’s microsite,, with B. Smith as the celebrity spokesperson? I love when companies embrace diverse angles to reach various online communities. is a wonderful site filled with healthy recipes and kitchen tips for busy moms who want to entertain and cook like pros.

I wish that the site had a social networking component such as a Facebook page and a Twitter account to connect with and also the ability to leave comments on articles. It is such a well-developed site that the only missing component is the social aspect.

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Healthy Holiday and the Original Facial Cleanser

The American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation have joined forces to eradicate childhood obesity through their joint initiative, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. They have come up with tips to increase physical fitness this holiday season.

Walk It Off – Schedule at least one night a week to eat dinner as a family, and then go for a walk together.

Game of the Week – Start a new weekly tradition and spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon skating or playing touch football as a family.

Form a Team – Scan local resources and sign up as a family for a community fun run, walk or car wash.

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I have been spending way too much money on facial cleaners for years, incessantly looking for the perfect cleanser for my skin type and I completely forgot about Noxzema. I bought a container of Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream and it’s working far better than all of the expensive cleansers I’ve wasted money on combined. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple.

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Motherhood Maternity Debuts Spring Collection, iPeriod Helps Track Menstrual Cycle

Motherhood Maternity launched preview outfits for their upcoming spring 2010 collection. What’s hot in the new year for maternity wear?

  • blues, from cobalt to midnight blue
  • jeans, from frayed hem short shorts to the long and lean dark wash boot cut
  • stripes and plaid
  • bright floral prints
  • “This season is all about the details,” said Rebecca Matthias, President and Chief Creative Officer of Motherhood Maternity. “Lace trim, smocking, and rhinestones are the small touches that go a long way, all at a price everyone will love!”

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    Track Your Period With iPeriod

    For those of you who are interested in chronicling each day of your period, I highly recommend the iPeriod app. It’s free and allows you to date your period, state the mood you’re in, and even write notes each day during your period. You can also track your weight and even your flow.
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    Empowerment Cards for Your iPhone or iPod Touch

    I love my iPod Touch! I think I’ve mentioned that more times that I can count. As I was perusing the Net tonight I found an app that I think is well worth downloading. It’s an app of empowerment cards from Tavis Smiley created by Oceanhouse Media. This app looks great, perfect for that moment of stillness you need in the middle of your day, when you wake up, or when you’re about to retire for the evening.

    I love the ethnic art on each card and the empowering sayings on each. You can use each card  for proactive mindfulness and personal empowerment. And you can also share the cards with your friends by emailing them an empowerment card.

    As the new year approaches The Tavis Smiley app is an excellent way to begin making personal goals and plans and envisioning  them first so they are bound to come to fruition.

    I will say, though, that the app is a little pricey at $3.99, far more expensive than other empowerment cards, like the Om Meditations also from Oceanhouse Media.

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    If the New Kristin Tote from Coach is Good Enough for Halle, It’s Good Enough for Me

    Some people love everything Apple. They’re affectionately known as “Macheads”. Some people will drive their Volvos until the wheels fall off. And some women would, without batting an eye, be happily buried in their Pradas. It’s true. So, what do I love this much? Many things. But I absolutely adore Coach handbags. Love them!

    Every summer from when I was 8 until I was 12 I visited my grandparents in Cleveland, OH and I used to hang out with my aunt, who was and still is one of the coolest and most stylish people on the planet! All she carried was Coach. She had Coach wallets, and Coach key chains, and, of course, Coach handbags. You name it, she had it. She is amazingly stylish to this day and I wanted to be just like her. Even though I am not nearly as stylish as she is, nor will I ever be, I followed in her footsteps and am also a lover of Coach handbags. So, naturally, it was a pleasure for me to review their new Kristin tote.


    The Kristin tote is in a word, gorgeous! Sounds cliché, I know, but since I have to send it back you can take my genuine word for it! The Kristin tote is one of those handbags that women will come up to you and ask who you’re wearing. It’s one of those handbags that become an instant conversation piece. It’s very, very simple, but the details are unmistakable.

    Made of soft leather the Kristin tote is easy to carry and isn’t stiff. I hate stiff leather handbags, don’t you? My favorite details are the chains that make up the handles and the majestic purple lining. The chains are heavy enough to allow you to really feel the quality of the bag, but certainly not overbearing. The flap on the outside makes grabbing your wallet or cell phone extremely simple. For people like me whose handbags become dark bottomless pits, the pouch on the outside is where you place all your essentials. It will make your life so much easier!

    Halle Berry with kristin Leather Tote in black

    Halle Berry was recently seen carrying her Kristin tote. What can I say? She definitely has good taste! The Kristin Tote comes in three colors: green, black, and brown and retails for $598.

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    Full disclosure: I received a PR sample for review and have to return it to the Coach offices in NYC.