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Kmart Now Has Online Layaway

xmasballsChristmas is so close I don’t even want to think about it. Once Halloween hits, it’s all downhill from there. If you’re a procrastinator like me it takes a lot of planning beforehand to make sure the holidays are memorable. Bad thing is I don’t even know where I’ll get the necessary energy to do it. I have a few weeks to get renewed and pumped up for the holidays before it’s too late.

One company is making it easier to get prepared for the holidays, at least the shopping part. Starting today you can put items on layaway at I love the convenience of shopping online and then making payments on your purchases.

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Macy’s and Disney Parks Celebrate Mom


Want to save some money at Macy’s? Who doesn’t, right? Here are the details from my friends at Disney!

Get a special discount at Macy’s that you can share with moms and friends! ***

Just use the code “FAMILYFUN” when you place your order online and in stores! And if you spend $99 or more receive free shipping!

Code is available between April 29- May 4, 2009.

*** Macy’s Friends & Family Special Offer Details
Get incredible extra savings from April 29 through May 4, 2009.

Get extra savings on almost all your purchases online & in-store, even on brands that are usually excluded from sales & discounts!

small electrics, personal care, electronics, mattresses and area rugs.

Use just one promo code FAMILYFUN for both the Friends & Family discount AND free shipping with $99 purchase.
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Hallmark Extends Their 99-Cent Greeting Card Line

99_cents_butterfly_bday-lAs the economy continues to tank and people are becoming more selective with their purchases smart companies are lowering the price point of a lot of their products or are extending low cost product lines. Hallmark is one of those companies. 

Armed with a collection of 99-cent greeting cards, Hallmark has decided to expand its collection to give consumers a greater selection of everyday greeting cards that say simple things like “I Love You” or Thank You”. 


“People are returning to basics, reaching out and letting people know they’re loved and appreciated or just to say thanks,” said Tressa Angell, Hallmark senior product manager.

This is a nice touch by Hallmark because we’re all pinching pennies. A 99-cent greeting card is always greatly appreciated and most convenient.

NY and NJ Moms: 25% OFF “Elmo Makes Music”

elmoNew York and New Jersey Moms: Looking to bring the kids somewhere new and exciting? Round up the troops for a fun-filled musical experience when Sesame Street presents: “Elmo Makes Music” LIVE. Performances are Feb 5-16, and the 25% discount code is for select performances between Feb 7-15

Take advantage of a special 25% off discount on select performances. Let Elmo tickle your music fancy and click here for the details:

Use Promo Code “SSLEMM” when purchasing.

Noggin Soon to Be 24-Hr, Commercial Free Network for Preschoolers

Nickelodeon’s Noggin, the network for preschoolers, will make a move to 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the end of the year. Noggin will kick off its new expanded format with a primetime movie marathon between 6 PM -11 PM on December 31, 2007 starting with a new 90-minute Franklin movie, “Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure” and ending with Go, Diego, Go! “Great Jaguar Rescue.” On the Net:

Heart-Defect Babies and Hospitals
A new study released by researchers at the University of Michigan have found that babies with heart defects are more apt to survive and thrive after heart surgery if their surgeries are performed in hospitals that perform a high number of infant heart surgeries each year.

“For the more routine congenital heart surgery, outcomes are excellent everywhere,” says Jennifer Hirsch, M.D., a U-M pediatric cardiac surgeon and member of the Michigan Congenital Heart Center. “But when it comes to a child with a complex defect, it’s important to send him or her to a center of excellence. And the parents of these children are often so overwhelmed by their sudden situation, it will be important to develop the systems and support that will help them get to the right place.

Ooh La La…French Luxury for Babies + 15% off at

We all want the absolute best for our babies from the best care in the world to the best products we can use to cleanse and soothe their delicate, little bodies. And there’s no doubt about it: All baby products are not created equal., an e-retail store we highly recommend, now carries Biolane, the number one French baby product company that is trusted by French maternity hospitals, midwives and more.

Enter promo code BIOLANE for 15% off their purchase of Biolane products at

Check out the Biolane difference:
Natural Ingredients: Biolane products are made with Hydra-bleine, a unique natural plant complex made from wheat oils and proteins that help reduce dehydration while nourishing and protecting baby’s delicate skin and scalp.

Dermatologist Recommended: Biolane products are dermatologist-tested for hypoallergenicity (formulated to minimize the risk of allergies) purity and safety. Alcohol-free and pH-balanced, they help maintain skin’s natural chemical balance.

Safety: Biolane products are tested at every stage of production and subject to strict regulations, under the governance of the European Directive. Biolane products are not tested on animals.

Bonding: Biolane’s carefully designed textures and light, delicate scent add to the pleasure of baby’s hygiene routine, making it a special time of closeness for parents and baby.

Enter promo code BIOLANE for 15% off their purchase of Biolane products at

Love This! Bob Marley Rasta Tube

Where was Spunky Sprout when I was gestating ten years ago? I sure would have loved to rock this Bob Marley maternity tube. The Bob Marley Rasta Tube comes in green or yellow and is made of soft 100% cotton. There’s even an elastic gathering at front for a sexy fit. Retails for $55.

On the Net: Spunky Sprout

Spunky Sprout, one-stop shopping for modern, unique and colorful products for kids with fabulous style – and their parents! For babies and children from birth to six years old, there are plenty of treats for Mom and Dad, too. SPUNKYSPROUT.COM is also the best place on earth to find exceptional, must-have lifestyle gifts from Europe and America for the sophisticated family!

Enjoy 40% off on selected merchandise and FREE shipping on all orders over $150!

Weekly Top Must-Have’s From Mothers Work

Mothers Work, Inc.

Each week we will feature three of the top selling items from Motherhood-Maternity, one of the best maternity destinations in our opinion. Plus, we’ll even throw in a discount code or sale notice. So don’t just let these beautiful clothes linger in the warehouse, get shopping and be beautiful during your pregnancy. You deserve it!

Mothers Work, Inc.

New Arrival – Wool Toggle Coat

New Arrival – Printed Silk Jersey

True Religion Secret Belly Joey Flap Pocket In Dark Pony