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Maternity Coupons + Books for Expectant Moms

Be sure not to miss Destination Maternity’s up to 50% off fall sale:

Free Shipping at Destination Maternity on orders over $100 use promo code: DMFS10. Valid Oct 7-11.

Also, there is an up to 30% off fall sale at Motherhood Maternity

Free Shipping at Motherhood Maternity on orders over $75 use promo code: MHFS10. Valid Oct 7-11.

New Books for Expectant Moms from Meadowbrook Press:

The Official Lamaze Guide (2nd Edition)
This new edition has been updated to reflect the latest evidence-based research on pregnancy and childbirth. Since the first edition, childbirth in the U.S. has gotten riskier. The cesarean rate has continued to rise; now almost one third of women in the U.S. have a cesarean. There’s been a shocking rise in the maternal mortality rate. More babies are admitted to NICUs, and there’s been an alarming increase in incidences of postpartum depression and post traumatic stress disorder related to childbirth. BUY ONLINE (no affiliate link)

Guía sencilla para tener un bebé (Spanish Edition of The Simple Guide to Having a Baby)
This Spanish edition of The Simple Guide to Having a Baby is available at the same price as the English edition—a welcome change for healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics, and childbirth educators who had been paying significantly more for an imported Spanish edition. BUY ONLINE (no affiliate link)

80% OFF Sale at Land of Nod

I’ve heard a lot of moms rave about Land of Nod. I’m a big fan myself. And I’ve also heard a lot of moms rack up on their Land of Nod purchases during their huge sales.

Well, right now The Land of Nod is having one of those sales. You can save up to 80% on sale items in stock!

[Mommy Too! magazine occasionally runs affiliate links to retailers where we earn a percentage of the sale. We are an affiliate of the Land of Nod]

Macy’s and Disney Parks Celebrate Mom


Want to save some money at Macy’s? Who doesn’t, right? Here are the details from my friends at Disney!

Get a special discount at Macy’s that you can share with moms and friends! ***

Just use the code “FAMILYFUN” when you place your order online and in stores! And if you spend $99 or more receive free shipping!

Code is available between April 29- May 4, 2009.

*** Macy’s Friends & Family Special Offer Details
Get incredible extra savings from April 29 through May 4, 2009.

Get extra savings on almost all your purchases online & in-store, even on brands that are usually excluded from sales & discounts!

small electrics, personal care, electronics, mattresses and area rugs.

Use just one promo code FAMILYFUN for both the Friends & Family discount AND free shipping with $99 purchase.
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Don’t Let Life Pass You By, Breastfeeding in Public, Food Allergy Handbook for Kids, Meet Pregnant Moms, John Edwards Drops Out

Don’t let life pass you by; instead be sure to take the time to stop and smell the roses and hear the birds sing. There is beauty all around you if you pause long enough to recognize it.

Chinese Proverb: A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

Here’s What’s New on Today

  • Food allergies are plaguing children in record numbers these days. Learn new ways your child can still enjoy good foods without the chance of getting an allergic reaction to foods.  
  • We love eco-baby brands. Check out this new company: BamBam Collection.

  • Meet Kim, a mom of one from Los Angeles.

Obama Wins in S.C., Tips for Winter Weather Wear, Dismal Black Infant Mortality Rates, Maternity Savings, Share Your Breastfeeding Story

After a full week of political bickering Barack Obama came out of South Carolina with a landslide victory. Our question to you is: Do you think Obama can win the Democratic nomination? Take our poll. Click here to vote if you’re reading this post via a feed.

Here’s what’s new today on

It’s unbelievable to hear, but black infant mortality rates have not changed since the Civil War. Discover why.

Were you a successful breastfeeder? Share your story with other mothers who have been in your shoes or who are deciding if they should feed their infant naturally.

Mama Noire has been closely following all of the Democratic political developments. See what she has to say about the Obama win last night.

Are you looking for a sale on maternity clothes? Look no further than Lane Bryant.

The temps have been bitter cold this winter. Read these clothing suggestions to keep you and your kids warm this season.

Friday Flashback, C-Section Dangers, Black Obesity and Aggressive Marketing, Race Politics

Segregation was an extremely damaging institution, one that continues to shape America even today. The Democratic presidential race seems to have picked the scab off of latent racism that still festers. Here is a shoe store catering to blacks in Chicago, Illinois April 1941. See more Flashback Friday photos.

Here’s what’s new on

  • We were disgusted by this photograph by international artist, Vanessa Beecroft. Are we being too sensitive or does it scream exploitation to you as well?

  • C-Sections are increasing among pregnant women, but they’re not always safe. Learn why.


  • Remember this week, Hillary Clinton blasted Barack Obama for having dealings with a slum landlord, Rezko, in inner city Chicago? Seems like Hillary and Bill met him once themselves. Oops! Read more from Mama Noire’s mom-blog.

We thought you’d might like to also know about
— If you’ve always wanted your husband or significant other to send you flowers, but you knew they had no clue where to start tell them about Saved by the Bud was created especially for men who are clueless about flower buying. Great site!

Personalized SharpiesNow, who wouldn’t want their very own personalized Sharpie? Choose from ten fonts, up to two lines of text, and dozens of fun and creative clip art icons and graphics. A virtual Sharpie sample also lets users “play” with their options and preview their selection before ordering. Personalized Sharpies are available in quantities of six for $11.99. Go to to order. Order by February 2 to receive by February 14.

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, [reproduction number, LC-USF34- 038710-D]

Progressive Workplace Policies for Mothers, Pregnancy Health, Green Kids, Read for Less

It’s important to have the healthiest pregnancy possible in order to ensure the health of your baby as well as your own well-being. We list the top ten cities to have a baby, fifty tips for a healthy pregnancy as well as tips to prevent preterm delivery.

What’s New on Today

  • Mama-Noire is happy Barack Obama finally came out swinging in the debate last night. What do you think? Do you think Barack’s performance helped or hurt him?

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Coretta Scott King Book Awards, Preventing Asthma, Tummy Rub for Pregnant Bellies, Macy’s Savings

Reading to your child is vitally important to her academic success in school. Reading together will strengthen your child’s reading skills and give her the confidence she needs to become a stellar reader at school and at home. Experts recommend that you read to your child each day for at least 30 minutes and also set a good example for your child by reading often yourself.

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  • For most expectant mothers, it is important to minimize the effect of stretch marks on their tummies. Here’s the latest tummy butter we’ve found to protect expanding bellies.