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The Dress! Michelle Obama’s Cinderella Moment

US NEWS INAUGURATION 497 LXSo! What did you think of the Jason Wu dress Michelle Obama donned last night at all the inaugural balls?

First, anything Michelle Obama wears that shows off her taut arms and killer traps is always going to be a hit! I also thought the color of the gown looked stellar on Michelle. Her earrings matched beautifully and her makeup was subdued which drew all the attention to the dress. I think Michelle Obama looked impeccable last night. 


Jennifer James, Editor

Inaugural Reading for Kids

51ydncuggnl_sl500_aa240_If your children are anything like mine they have probably watched thousands of hours of political coverage from the beginning of the presidential election to today and have heard the countless conversations you’ve had about this historic election with friends, family, and, yes, even strangers.

My girls are 10 and 8 and I often wonder how much they’re really soaking in. Sure, they know Barack Obama is the first black president, but do they really get it? Sometimes I quiz them to see how much they’re absorbing about how unprecedented this election was and they always say the right things, but they don’t feel the moment like those of us who can really understand, and how could they? They were born in a time when racism isn’t as “out there” as it once was. Heck, I was born in a time when racism wasn’t as “out there” as it once was.

I want my daughters to fully understand the importance of this day and Barack’s presidency, that’s why I’m so delighted Penguin sent  Barack Obama: United States President. It’s an updated and expanded children’s book that was originally published in 2007 and was a New York Times Best Seller. Written for children ages 6-8, Barack Obama: United States President: Updated and Expanded provides an impressive account of Barack’s upbringing, his college years, his early years with Michelle, his launch into politics, his time running for president, and caps off with his astonishing presidential victory.

Barack Obama: United States President is a book that should honestly be in every child’s book collection. It will help them gain a greater grasp of the importance of this day and of the brilliance of Barack Obama. Sometimes a book with illustrations and photographs can tell a story far better than any explanation on our part will ever do.  Roberta Edwards’s writing is on point and thorough, and very understandable for young children. Plus, I appreciate that Penguin published this book back in 2007 when *now* President Obama was just a rising star in politics; in fact, this is the first children’s biography written on Barack Obama, so this is one book that wasn’t hastily thrown together to capitalize on this day. 

— Jennifer James, Editor

Love This! Obama Mama Gear

If you consider yourself an Obama Mama then you may want to grab some gear, especially as this election heats up and moves forward. One of our my favorite sites, Mamazine, has created an Obama Mama tote and tee.

Mamazine will donate all proceeds from sales made before November 4, 2008, directly to the Obama for America campaign.

Buy some gear today, make your favorite OBAMA mama happy, and help spread the word!

Can "Bitter" Come Back to Bite Obama?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the “bitter” comment Obama made about working class Pennsylvanians last week. If you haven’t yet, you can read and hear it over at the Huffington Post.

The Clinton campaign wasted no time pouncing on Obama’s apparent gaffe by taking aim at his perceived lack of sensitivity to working class Americans. Hillary Clinton even went so far as to down a shot of Crown Royal whiskey with Indiana locals and touted her experience shooting ducks to exemplify how in touch she is with average, everyday Americans. This brazen pandering prompted the New York Times to wonder since when did Hillary become a pro-gun churchgoer.

Meanwhile, according to the latest Gallup Daily tracking poll, Obama still holds a sizable lead among the nation’s Democrats — 50% to 41%.

Obama Gets Tough on Parents

Parents if you don’t parent, we can’t improve our schools,” he said. “You’ve got to parent. You’ve got to turn off the television set in your house once in a while, you’ve got to put the video game away once in a while.” — Barack Obama.

Hear, Hear!

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As a side note: Who else is getting tired of this Democratic race to the nomination? We wish the process would hurry up and end because we all know there is no way the nomination can be taken away from Obama. So why is someone (who shall remain nameless) wasting the country’s time and energy? We don’t get it.

Weak Wives or Strong Women?

When male politicians get caught with their pants down, like New York Governor Eliot Spitzer today, or Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick or even Bill Clinton for that matter, why is it then that they roll out their wives with pearls on and tailored suits? Are wives this weak?

If you found out that your husband was involved in a porn ring, would you stand by his side to show a united political front or tell him to face the music himself and pack his bags when he comes home?

This scene is so tired, ladies. Why do women always have to be carted out to prove some sort of “solid” marriage when clearly it isn’t.

Speak, ladies!

We Smell Impending Voter Fraud. Do you?

We don’t quite know what it is about the Sunshine State, but something ain’t right down there as far as elections are concerned. If Florida would have had everything straight eight years ago we would be saying President Al Gore instead of living painfully through eight years of George Bush!

That said, Florida and now Michigan, find themselves in the middle of a hectic and increasingly ugly race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to 2,025 delegates for the Democratic nomination.

Now… between us…we believe if Senator Clinton had the pledge delegate lead by now we wouldn’t hear anything about Florida and Michigan, but that’s just us!

So, this morning we heard Florida and Michigan are leaning towards a redo vote where citizens send in their ballot via snail mail. Can you say potential VOTER FRAUD? Somebody stop this before it happens. Al Sharpton…where are you?

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Talk Back: Who Can Beat McCain? Hillary or Barack?

After yesterday’s commanding win in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia Obama now has the lead for the Democratic nomination even when you factor in superdelegates. And, according to MSNBC’s political director Chuck Todd, Hillary Clinton will have to win by a margin of 57% in the remaining primaries in order to win. No matter the margins needed to win, or holding onto momentum, the race is far from over.

Our question today is: Who do you think will best match up against McCain? Why?

What Do You Think About Garnishing Wages for Health Coverage?

The days are quickly winding down to Super Tuesday and we know a lot of you live in states that will be holding primaries. Whoever you support, make sure you get out to vote because there’s power in the ballot booth!

Hillary, Health Care and Garnishing Wages

Today on ABC’s “This Week” Hillary Clinton admitted that she would be willing to garner wages in order for everyone to have universal health care saying, “I think there are a number of mechanisms” that are possible, including “going after people’s wages, automatic enrollment.”

What do you think about the government garnering your wages just so you and your family can have health care? Do you think it’s fair or do you think government will be crossing over the line? Share your opinion in our comments section.
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Flashback Friday, Badu On Motherhood, Adults and Breast Milk, Why You Should Take Folic Acid, Spanx for Pregnant Women

We are firm believers in looking back to the past to better our lives today and to understand those generations before us. This week’s Flashback Friday photo is a dress shop for blacks taken in November 1938. Discover more photos in our Flashback Friday series.

Here’s what new today on



  • We’ve long known that folic acid helps prevent birth defects, but now we know it also helps to prevent preterm birth! This is great news for black moms-to-be.


  • Meet Maryam, a mom of two with one in the oven, from Detroit.