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I’m At Type-A Mom Conference

Today I’m blogging from beautiful Asheville, NC. I am speaking at Type-A Mom Conference on a panel of social media mavens and mom blogging community leaders.

In addition to my work here at Mommy Too! I am also the founder of one of the largest social networks for mom bloggers, the Mom Bloggers Club and will be speaking about my work in the mom blogging community.

If you can ever get to a mom blogging conference I highly recommend it! Conferences provide a wonderful way to recharge and meet more moms like you.

I will be back tomorrow. Be sure to check Mommy Too! Mag this weekend. I have some great finds and parenting information to share.

I’m Obsessed: My iPod Touch and Me!

PR NEWSWIREI admit it: I LOVE my iPod Touch! It possesses everything I’ve ever wanted in a mobile device and it’s perfect for someone like me who has no need for an iPhone and its monthly cost.

Whenever I travel I always use my iPod to check my email, tweet (via a Twitter app), update my Facebook page, read the news, download podcasts, and just surf the Net. Increasingly public places have wi-fi from airports and planes to hotels and restaurants, so it’s always relatively easy to get on the Internet. And now 8GB iPod Touches start at $199. There’s no better time to snatch one up, especially as the holidays approach. An iPod Touch is a great gift to yourself. You won’t regret the purchase if you are a digital mom like me.


Last week, Apple also unveiled their much anticipated new iPod Nanos which will have:

  • video camera
  • larger screens
  • FM radio (they read my mind!)

The Nanos start at $149.

On the Net:

Is Your Baby Racist?

NEWSWEEK SEPT 14 ISSUEJust as some believe we are on the cusp of turning the corner to a post-racial society a new study comes out to negate those lofty dreams.

A study conducted at the University of Texas at Austin and written about in this week’s Newsweek in Nurture Shock: Is Your Baby Racist? says children as young as six months judge others based on skin color and that older children often label white people as nice and blacks as being not nice.

Even though the study took place in liberal Austin, Texas researchers found that children often heard from their parents that people are all the same and that God created all of us equal, but these words don’t always match up to the everyday attitudes of their parents and are reflected in children’s emerging racial attitudes.

Although fascinating research, it is just another reminder that we all have a long way to go for racial equality in this country. Read the full article at

Special Health Post: HIV Facts


Written by Jolie ( and TruthAids (

1) Yesterday (2/7/08) was Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day! Check out to learn more.

2) HIV testing is part of routine health care.

3) To find nearest HIV testing site, text your zip code and send to: “KNOWIT”

4) Over half of new HIV infections are a result of the 25% of people who do not know their status.

5) Choose yourself.

6) The most common presenting symptom of an STI is no symptom.

7) Do you know your partner’s status? Ask today.

8) Rap-it-up!

9) Get involved. NYC AIDS Walk is coming up May 18, 2008.

10) Make a doctor’s appointment today.

About Dr. Mehret Mandefro

Dr. Mehret Mandefro is Founding Director of TruthAIDS (, a physician, public health practitioner and advocate who has worked with HIV infected and affected communities in Botswana, South Africa, and Ethiopia on issues of: access to treatment, stigma, health care worker educational training and community based public health education efforts.

Mehret recently completed her internal medicine Primary Care residency at Montefiore Hospital, in the South Bronx, and is now a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work is the subject of a feature-length documentary that explores the heterosexual transmission of HIV in the African Diaspora and is scheduled for upcoming independent film release. She received her BA and medical degree from Harvard University and her Masters of Science in the Public Health of Developing Countries from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as a Fulbright Scholar.

Honoring MLK, The Caffeine-Miscarriage Connection, Successful Breastfeeding, Baby Buys, Win a $25,000 Room Renovation

We hope you take a moment to sit down with your children and talk about the memory and legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) and all of those leaders who put their lives on the line for freedom and justice. We recommend these online educational resources: The King Center, PBS, The Martin Luther King Research Institute,

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” -MLK, Jr.

What’s New on Today

Left: Martin Luther King press conference, 1964 Mar. 26.
Middle: Ma
rtin Luther King and Malcolm X waiting for press conference, 1964 March 26
Right: Coretta Scott King at the Democratic National Convention, New York City, 1976 Jul. 13.

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Live the Spa Life, How Safe is Infant Formula?, Be a Historian, the Pregtastic Podcast, Ad-Free Online Games for Young Children

Life can become a little stressful at times for Moms. We’ve all been there! That’s why we know how important it is to constantly renew and rejuvenate yourself. You can certainly re-energize in the comfort of your own home. But, it’s a lot more fun to be pampered and indulged in a day spa.

If you’ve never experienced the luxury of taking an invigorating bath with a tub full of flowers you should definitely put that on your list of priorities. We recommend visiting to find a reputable and affordable spa in your area.

Here’s What’s New on Today

  • Did you know baby formula is often stolen, sold on the black market, repackaged and then resold to grocery stores? You’ll want to read this. 
  • If you are a history buff or lay researcher you can contribute to a one-of-a-kind black history encyclopedia. Read the project details and get published! 
  • PBS now offers ad-free, educational online games for children between 3-6. Called PBS Kids Play! (SM), young children can now engage in online activities and play games that were all designed to foster educational advancement with some of their favorite PBS characters like Curious George, Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies and The Berenstein Bears.

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Dump the Junk, Backyardigans Mania, Why Breastfeeding Mothers Sue and Sit In + Meet a Pregnant Mom

Black women have some of the highest obesity rates in the nation which cause a whole host of problems in the long run: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and the list goes on. We wanted to let you know about a site we think you should bookmark: Everything you need to know about health and wellness you’ll find on We recommend these stories: Foods That Won’t Wreck Your Diet and The Reasons Why You’re Still Fat.

Here’s what’s new on today.

  • Breastfeeding mothers have been in the news lately for suing restaurants and former employers citing discrimination. But do you know where the discrimination started for breastfeeding mothers? We do.
  • Meek, a Mommy Too! Network member, wrote about her pregnancy cravings. She is currently craving spicy foods. What did you crave?
  • If your little ones are big fans of The Backyardigans you’ll be happy to hear about their upcoming 50-city tour starting in March, T.V. movie, and CD featuring Alicia Keys. We have the line-up and dates.
  • Last night Hillary won and Barack lost in New Hampshire. Do you think it will make blacks in South Carolina turn against the Obama tide? Join the conversation.

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Secure Online Surfing for Kids, Breastfeeding Book Review, Taking Babies to Work + Fancy Friday

You don’t have to be a classically trained dancer to move your body. Grab your iPod or simply turn on the radio and let it all hang out for fifteen minutes. Notice how happy you feel afterwards and how your day instantly changed for the better. We hope you have a wonderful Friday!