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West Elm’s 65% Off Sale,

West Elm, the modern, contemporary furniture arm of Williams-Sonoma, is having a sale of up to 65% off some really great pieces to brighten up your home decor for the new year. A few items I think are great buys: striped jute cotton rug ($12.99) -- chunky plaited wool rug ($59.97) -- organic clover bath… Continue reading West Elm’s 65% Off Sale,


Food News

It is the holiday season and there is high caloric food everywhere! I have done quite well thus far, especially since I'm currently doing a 6-week challenge. I haven't caved into buying Christmas candy and cookies and haven't planned to bake with my daughters until Christmas Day, so no overeating up until the big day… Continue reading Food News

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Brands at Blogalicious — Foods

There were several food brands that sponsored Blogalicious. Quaker Food, Burger King and Con Agra come to mind, but for me the food sponsor that really stuck out was HomeFree Treats. HomeFree Treats makes baked goods like cookies and coffeecakes that are free of peanuts, eggs, tree nuts and dairy. This is especially important as… Continue reading Brands at Blogalicious — Foods

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KitchenAid’s New Architect Series Collection

It's funny: I love beautifully modern kitchen appliances, but I don't like to cook. Scratch that: I love to cook, I just don't do it that well. KitchenAid just launched their brand-new Architect series and, yes, I'm swooning. Essentially, the Architect series is just like KitchenAid's previous series of stand and hand mixers, food processors,… Continue reading KitchenAid’s New Architect Series Collection

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PB & J Sandwiches; Hold the Peanut Butter

I don't think we'll ever discover why our generation of children have peanut allergies. Surely it has something to do with genetically modified foods and the chemicals farmers spray on our crops, but I digress. Now that there are so many children with peanut allergies we have to find alternative ways to send our kids… Continue reading PB & J Sandwiches; Hold the Peanut Butter

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Shopping On a Budget at Whole Foods? Yes, It Can Be Done

One of the reasons I don't shop at health food stores exclusively such as Whole Foods and our local store, Earth Fare, is because of the huge cost of organic and non-conventional foods. Sure, you know when you shop at Whole Foods you are going to buy much better food for your family, but at… Continue reading Shopping On a Budget at Whole Foods? Yes, It Can Be Done

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How to Find Healthy Food on the Go: Use GoodFoodNearYou

How many times have been driving in an area that you aren't quite familiar with and all you want to do is get a healthy salad or a decent cooked meal that doesn't involve a burger and fries? I think we've all been there before.  Now from your iPhone or Blackberry you can search by… Continue reading How to Find Healthy Food on the Go: Use GoodFoodNearYou

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Food Magazine vs Food Network Magazine: Which One Deserves Your Money?

I usually don't do this. In all my years reviewing products from electronics to hand cream I haven't put two products up against each other, but since I plunked down cash for two food magazines over the past week I figured I'd give you my take on each and let you know which one you… Continue reading Food Magazine vs Food Network Magazine: Which One Deserves Your Money?