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Sade Shines, Release Date Set

For all of us who grew up listening to Sade it’s a wonderful treat knowing she will be releasing a new album in February 2010 called Soldier of Love. Doesn’t she look great for 50? I know it’s an airbrushed album cover, but even the keenest professional can’t airbrush that much.

You can already check out Soldier of Love on her web site ( and preorder her new album.

With Sade back on the scene I wonder when Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo will be coming back. With that much talent and creativity they can’t stay away forever.

PS3 + Netflix = Endless Entertainment

netflix_logoWe have a Wii. We love it, all except for one thing. It doesn’t play DVDs. I hate that. It should be able to play movies. But that’s for me to wallow over.

As great as the Wii is, Sony at least understands that gamers and families want to use their console for more than one purpose, especially considering the high cost of their machines and the games. All gaming consoles should be multi-functional. Sony and Microsoft get it.

Netflix announced today (source) that PS3 owners will soon be able to stream movies and TV shows instantly to their console for $8.99 a month plus get unlimited DVD rentals. If you’re already a member, then the service comes with it.

I love when companies understand potential and current PS3 owners. Now, I just hope Nintendo gets on the ball!

* By the way, if the Wii CAN play DVDs and I just don’t know it, kindly please let me know in comments!

Fancast — Because Who Needs a TV Anymore?


We are a family that is happily TV-free. Well, that’s not entirely true. We do have a small set that is used expressly for gaming purposes. Beyond that, though, we don’t watch the Tube. But we do watch the Net.

I frankly can’t stand paying a cable bill especially when most of the time there’s nothing good on TV anyway! Thank goodness for high-speed Internet and the realization by companies (finally!) that families like us will watch sports, TV shows, and movies on the Net. There really is no reason to watch television anymore. Everything you want to watch you can find on the Web. That even includes live programming.

Fancast is one of the largest sites to offer viewing on demand. That means if you miss your favorite show chances are you can watch it later on One thing to look for: Just because these shows are on the Net doesn’t mean there won’t be commercials. Everyone has to pay the bills. The commercials just aren’t as long and there aren’t as many of them. I can live with that. offers a range of editorial options in addition to full-length shows like the latest entertainment news and interviews with celebs. You can also watch trailers and movies as well. But as a busy mom I just search for my show or check out their listings and push play. Frankly, that’s all I have time for.

As a blogger I love that I can share shows that I am watching on the social networking sites I spend the most time on like Twitter and Facebook. Plus I can embed clips and shows so you can check out what I’m watching as well. Love that!

On the Net:

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I’m Obsessed: My iPod Touch and Me!

PR NEWSWIREI admit it: I LOVE my iPod Touch! It possesses everything I’ve ever wanted in a mobile device and it’s perfect for someone like me who has no need for an iPhone and its monthly cost.

Whenever I travel I always use my iPod to check my email, tweet (via a Twitter app), update my Facebook page, read the news, download podcasts, and just surf the Net. Increasingly public places have wi-fi from airports and planes to hotels and restaurants, so it’s always relatively easy to get on the Internet. And now 8GB iPod Touches start at $199. There’s no better time to snatch one up, especially as the holidays approach. An iPod Touch is a great gift to yourself. You won’t regret the purchase if you are a digital mom like me.


Last week, Apple also unveiled their much anticipated new iPod Nanos which will have:

  • video camera
  • larger screens
  • FM radio (they read my mind!)

The Nanos start at $149.

On the Net:

EA Redwood Shores

The corporate headquarters of EA is located at Redwood Shores in Redwood City, California. As aforementioned in my previous post, my daughters and I were guests of the EA Play label where my daughters were able to play some of their latest EA titles. Here are pictures from our second day in San Francisco.

The lobby of EA Redwood Shores.


My oldest daughter playing G.I. Joe in the EA lobby.


My youngest daughter learning about the online game, My Littlest Pet Shop. I thought it was interesting that the demographic ages for this game is 7-10 and my youngest daughter who is 8 was mesmerized by everything in the game.
My oldest who is 11 didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

My oldest daughter playing Nerf with Dad blogger, Busy Dad.


Both of my girls in the EA Game truck. I think they were playing SIMS racing.

We had such a wonderful time in San Francisco at Maxis Studio and at EA Redwood Shores. It is a trip I will never forget and I am so glad my daughters will be able to remember it as well.

My youngest daughter on the five-hour plane ride home. I think someone had a really good time!

My Gamer Girls at EA Maxis Studios and EA Redwood Shores

Thanks to EA Play (@EAPlay), my daughters were able to experience a trip of a lifetime. Last Wednesday, they traveled with me to San Francisco to visit EA Maxis Studios in Emeryville, the makers of Spore, and the EA Redwood Shores campus and had a marvelous time.

All of the pictures were taken by my daughters save the ones with them in them. I wanted to see the trip through their eyes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2009: Traveling

We set out early on Wednesday morning because we had a 7:30 flight to San Francisco by way of Philadelphia. Since my daughters were first-time fliers, they received a certificate from the ticket agents. I thought that was a nice touch by US Airways.

Before we reached San Francisco we had a four-hour layover in Philadelphia. We ate, we walked, we people-watched, and we saw the Philadelphia Eagles plane. Very cool!

After the longest 4 1/2 hour flight in history (US Air, you have to get TVs on all your planes!) we finally made it to San Francisco. EA put us up in the Hotel Adagio, which is quite unlike most of the hotels where I stay during mom blogger trips. Typically we’re housed at big chain hotels. I liked Hotel Adagio. Not huge. Very quaint. Nice service. Great decor.

Aah, the food my daughters couldn’t eat in the hotel room. Luckily a Walgreens was just a block away.

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Centric Television from BET Launching This November

As someone who doesn’t watch TV I rely solely on the Internet for my daily dose of news. That means when news isn’t breaking I often miss it. Take for example: I had no idea BET was launching a brand-new channel called Centric and it sounds like a station I would actually watch, that is if I watched televison.

Centric ( will launch in November and target middle-aged blacks. I’m far from middle-aged, but I’m intrigued by this new channel. The “perfect example” of the people who would watch this channel is Barack and Michelle Obama, says Scott Mills, the President of BET.

BET Networks celebrated the upcoming launch of its new network Centric at a star-studded event on Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday, August 20. Hosted by BET Networks Chairman & CEO Debra L. Lee and Centric Executive Vice President and General Manager Paxton Baker, the party featured a performance by Erykah Badu, and included guests such as Spike Lee, NAACP president Ben Jealous and Universal Motown head Sylvia Rhone. (PRNewsFoto/BET Networks,Rick Friedman)

Chicago Museum Recreates Harry Potter

I’m not a huge lover of Harry Potter films, although my daughters certainly are. I do, however, remember in the Chamber of Secrets the unforgettable scene when the second year students learned all about the mandrakes by their teacher Pomona Sprout. Now for those who live in Chicago, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is featuring a Harry Potter exhibit through September 27, 2009. 

With over 200 authentic artifacts  the exhibit is a live look at the Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as portrayed in the Harry Potter film series. 

To learn more visit