Sade Shines, Release Date Set

For all of us who grew up listening to Sade it's a wonderful treat knowing she will be releasing a new album in February 2010 called Soldier of Love. Doesn't she look great for 50? I know it's an airbrushed album cover, but even the keenest professional can't airbrush that much. You can already check… Continue reading Sade Shines, Release Date Set


PS3 + Netflix = Endless Entertainment

We have a Wii. We love it, all except for one thing. It doesn't play DVDs. I hate that. It should be able to play movies. But that's for me to wallow over. As great as the Wii is, Sony at least understands that gamers and families want to use their console for more than… Continue reading PS3 + Netflix = Endless Entertainment

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My Gamer Girls at EA Maxis Studios and EA Redwood Shores

Thanks to EA Play (@EAPlay), my daughters were able to experience a trip of a lifetime. Last Wednesday, they traveled with me to San Francisco to visit EA Maxis Studios in Emeryville, the makers of Spore, and the EA Redwood Shores campus and had a marvelous time. All of the pictures were taken by my… Continue reading My Gamer Girls at EA Maxis Studios and EA Redwood Shores

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Chicago Museum Recreates Harry Potter

I'm not a huge lover of Harry Potter films, although my daughters certainly are. I do, however, remember in the Chamber of Secrets the unforgettable scene when the second year students learned all about the mandrakes by their teacher Pomona Sprout. Now for those who live in Chicago, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry… Continue reading Chicago Museum Recreates Harry Potter