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So much for freedom of speech

In yesterday's My Turn column on, Laura Cook-Crotty wrote about her inability to breastfeed as well as her staunch perspective about feeling no mother guilt because she opted to bottle-feed her daughter. The title of Crotty's essay is "Formula is Fine: Don't give me grief about bottle-feeding my daughter. Breast-feeding isn't for everyone." I… Continue reading So much for freedom of speech

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When modesty threatens the cause

Like it or not, as is customary with all "isms" in the world, a wide range of diverse viewpoints and highly controversial perspectives are inherently active and present in lactivism. While I author a blog about breastfeeding, I've never considered myself a lactivist, just like I don't consider myself a feminist, or any other "ist"… Continue reading When modesty threatens the cause

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Two Continents, Exact Message, Same Results

I have no clue why I'm constantly amazed by the low breastfeeding rates in Africa. I guess I'm still holding on to some ideal, stereotypical notion that all things in Mother Africa are still pristine and natural. The truth is, impoverished nations are severely and relentlessly assaulted by formula companies just like here at home.Ghana… Continue reading Two Continents, Exact Message, Same Results

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Hip-Hop Isn’t the Root Of All Blackness. So What Else is New?

Thomas Chatterton Williams knows how to use big words, shape them into coherent, impressive sentences and accomplish getting a byline in the Washington Post. But adding substance to the conversation of hip-hop and its damaging effects on the black community is what he really needs to work on.In the Post's Monday, May 28th article, Black… Continue reading Hip-Hop Isn’t the Root Of All Blackness. So What Else is New?