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Free Herb eBook for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms

When I was pregnant I read as much about natural remedies as I could. I was a little rabid about it actually. When my daughters were babies I kept them away from all pharmaceutical baby medicines and instead used natural remedies when they were sick like rubbing garlic oil on the bottom of the feet, using Echinacea when they were sick, using tea tree oil when they got a rash, and juicing organic fruits (especially apples, oranges, and lemons) when they got first started getting the sniffles.

Earth Mama Baby Angel, a brand I trust and used when my girls were babies, has a free herb eBook on their site. Make sure to check it out. It has great information in it.
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Healthy Holiday and the Original Facial Cleanser

The American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation have joined forces to eradicate childhood obesity through their joint initiative, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. They have come up with tips to increase physical fitness this holiday season.

Walk It Off – Schedule at least one night a week to eat dinner as a family, and then go for a walk together.

Game of the Week – Start a new weekly tradition and spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon skating or playing touch football as a family.

Form a Team – Scan local resources and sign up as a family for a community fun run, walk or car wash.

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I have been spending way too much money on facial cleaners for years, incessantly looking for the perfect cleanser for my skin type and I completely forgot about Noxzema. I bought a container of Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream and it’s working far better than all of the expensive cleansers I’ve wasted money on combined. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple.

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Procter and Gamble Recalls Vicks DayQuil Cold & Flu 24-Count LiquiCaps Bonus Pack

The Procter and Gamble company voluntarily recalled their Vicks DayQuil Cold & Flu 24-Count LiquiCaps Bonus Pack because they lack the child-resistant backing for the blister packs. No accidental ingestion by children has been reported. Consumers should stop taking the Vicks DayQuil LiquiCaps. If you decide to continue use, make sure to keep out of reach of children.

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Maclaren Issues Statement About Recall


I’m sure many of you heard about the Maclaren recall that was initiated last week due to unsafe hinges that amputated the tips of children’s fingers both in the US and in the UK. As a result, Maclaren recalled all of their umbrella strollers from 1999-2009.

Last Friday they issued a statement to consumers. Although I’ve never been a Maclaren user and, in fact, I consult for a high-end baby company, I thought you might be interested to read what Maclaren has to say in light of the backlash over their recalled strollers.
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HINT Water Partners With Disney


Undoubtedly you have heard about the new Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog, that will be coming out next month. Everyone is extremely excited about Disney’s first African-American princess and want to support the milestone.

HINT, a delicious fruit flavored water that doesn’t have any sugar or artificial sugar, has created a branded bottle in celebration of the Princess and the Frog in their Blackberry flavor. These HINT Disney bottles will be available at select stores throughout the country.

Additionally, HINT is giving away two tickets to see The Princess and the Frog every day between November 11- December 28. Visit to enter.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Children Have Been Bullied in Past Month, Resources Included to Help Your Child

iStock_000009411150XSmallWhen I was in school I used to be bullied and picked on. I don’t think any of us haven’t been there. I used to hate it! It certainly didn’t make school any easier. Thankfully I was a bookworm who cared only about my studies, but still to this day I think about how being picked on really hurt my self-esteem. At least all of that is past me, but children still have to be subjected to bullying day in and day out. Some think bullying is a right of passage for children and that it’s a fact of life. I think that’s wrong! That’s one of the reasons my husband and I homeschool our children. We’d rather them concentrate on becoming smart young ladies and not have to deal with the haters.

A new study released by the American Public Health Association reports nearly 2/3 of all children have been bullied in the past month. And although it was once believed bullying happened most often where children weren’t supervised, new data shows children are most bullied inside the classroom.
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Plum Organics — Recalled

image001 (13) Yesterday, Plum Organics, voluntarily recalled their Apple Carrot Baby Food in Portable Pouches with the May 21, 2010 best by date and with the following number on the bottom of the package: 890180001221.

According to Plum Organics official release:

Consumers can return any Plum Organics Apple & Carrot pouch-based baby food with the above “best by” date and UPC code to Toys-R-Us or Babies-R-Us for a full reimbursement.

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Brands at Blogalicious — Foods


There were several food brands that sponsored Blogalicious. Quaker Food, Burger King and Con Agra come to mind, but for me the food sponsor that really stuck out was HomeFree Treats.

HomeFree Treats makes baked goods like cookies and coffeecakes that are free of peanuts, eggs, tree nuts and dairy. This is especially important as food allergies continue to rise in this country. Some children cannot eat regular cookies and cakes like the rest of us, so I was thrilled to see a brand at Blogalicous that is catering to children who have special dietary needs because children of color also face the same dietary challenges as other kids. Kudos to HomeFree Treats!

HomeFree Treats included a sample in our swag bags and it was very tasty. I tried the organic oatmeal cookie. I am very picky about cookies; they’re not my favorite treat, but was pleasantly surprised with the taste. You know how sometimes you buy those organic cookies from Whole Foods and they taste like cardboard? These are quite good. Your children will enjoy them if they have special dietary needs or if they don’t. HomeFree Treats is also a great way to give your kids an organic dessert. I like that.

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Join My Village: Help Women and Girls in Malawi

Become a member of Join My Village and help women and girls in Malawi. If you do, join my team. I am a member of Team Tembwe!

It is definitely not lost on me how privileged I am as a woman to live in the United States. Sure, America has its social challenges, but one thing I can attest to: If you logo2work hard and smart you can become anything in life you want to be. While there are inherent disparities for women and girls in our country they vastly pale in comparison to the challenges women and girls face in the poorest country in Africa: Malawi.

Whenever I have a chance to make measurable change for the economic upliftment of women and girls in third world countries I’m always happy to help.

The Clinton Global Initiative, General Mills, and CARE have come together to create Join My Village (, a web site where you can join a team of caring individuals like you committed to helping  75 Malawian villages attain economic sufficiency for women. One of the things I love about this site is you have the option of “unlocking” money as well as donating money to Join My Village, so in case you don’t have money to give you can do very simple actions like answering quiz questions, inviting your friends to sign up and joining a team to unlock $1 for your village.

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Packing a Healthy School Lunch from Disney FamilyFun

1552854The nice people over at Disney FamilyFun have offered up some really great tips about packing healthy lunches and since I know making school lunch nutritious and fun to eat is a challenge I’m happy to share these creative ideas.

  • Use A Bento Box: Japanese-style bento boxes and their nesting compartments are perfect for kid-size nibbles. Best of all, when your child pops the lid, the entire spread is at her fingertips, which puts the carrots on par with the PB&J and grapes for super-easy grazing.
  • Sneak In Extra Veggies: If the produce in your kid’s lunch is making the return trip home, consider hiding it. Add finely grated carrots to tuna and chicken salad, swap lettuce for nutrient-dense baby spinach, or try Horizon’s new Little Blends yogurts, which offer surprisingly tasty fruits and vegetable combos, such as Strawberry-Carrot and Banana-Sweet Potato.
  • Add (More) Whole Grains: Pack whole wheat pretzels instead of other salty snacks. Or take a cue from nutritionist Barbara Storper, author of Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure!, and make a checkerboard sandwich. Use one slice of whole wheat bread and one of white, then cut the sandwich into quarters and rearrange the squares to create the checkerboard pattern.
  • Offer Nutritious Snacks: Apples not making the grade? Try freeze-dried fruit, such as Brothers-All-Natural or Crispy Green. Another option from chef and school-lunch reformer Ann Cooper: homemade gorp. Kids can choose the ingredients, then mix up their own combinations each night before school.
  • Serve Low-Sugar Drinks: In lieu of traditional juice boxes, pack a juice-and-water blend, such as R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Sensible Sippers, or fill a thermos with flavored water (make your own or try a store-bought variety – just be on the lookout for artificial sweeteners).

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