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Diddy’s Last Train to Paris Launch Party

jessicaalbapeaceI have always been a fan of Diddy, now even more so because I follow him on Twitter. From his tweets I’ve learned three things about Diddy: He loves what he does, he loves positivity and he loves exclamation points!

This Saturday, Diddy had an amazing launch party at MyHouse in Hollywood sponsored by CÎROC Vodka for his new album, Last Train to Paris.

image004 (2)

As was to be expected, the night was a duel celebration of Diddy’s Last Train to Paris and Michael Jackson’s genius. Several times throughout the evening, the DJ stopped to spin MJ tunes and Diddy took the mic to pay homage to the musical giant and thank everyone for supporting Bad Boy.

Some of the celebs in attendance were Taraji P. Henson, Estelle, Wesely Snipes, Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, Hill Harper, Regina King, Elyce Neal, Lil Mama, Vanessa Simmons, Lo Bosworth, Holly Montag, Amerie, Ray-J, Rob Dyrdek, and Rachel Smith.

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Shameful: Trying to Profit Off Malia and Sasha

I’ve never been a fan of Beanie Babies. In fact, I’ve never purchased one for our daughters. I tend to back slowly away from trends and fads, especially when it comes to my children. 

I’m so glad our first lady disapproves that Ty, Inc is profiting off dolls they have named after first daughters Malia and Sasha. The dolls don’t look anything like the Obama girls. I guess they think all black girls look alike. Shameful!

“We believe it is inappropriate to use young private citizens for marketing purposes,” Ms. Obama’s spokeswoman said.

Read more on Chicago Business.

– Jennifer James, Editor

Mother-to-Be Jill Scott on Pregnancy and Motherhood has a wonderful feature article on their Web site today. If you haven’t heard the news yet, Jill Scott is pregnant and expecting a son in April. What’s so amazing about her pregnancy is that she was told that would never be able to conceive, but as we all know, everything is on God’s timetable. 

Here’s some sage advice from Jill to other moms:

It’s so hard to believe, it’s hard to have faith, especially when things aren’t working out. It’s difficult and a challenge when you continuously ask for what you want and need in your life or at least what you think you want and need in your life, but that’s when you have to believe and have faith the most. Who knows how the blessings will flow or at what time or what hour those lessons are going to come. So I’d simply share to learn to be grateful for everything. When you give up, when you start to believe again, when you’re crying, when it hurts so bad, when you’re too embarrassed to face anybody— whatever—just be thankful because I believe that’s all God really wants from us is to be appreciative. It’s been my way of thinking and I’m hoping to teach this lil’ one these things.

Read Jill Scott’s interview about her pregnancy and motherhood on

Don’t Be a Sloshy Mommy + Lauryn Hill, Teething Remedies and Carpooling Tips

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and undoubtedly many of you will be getting a sitter and heading out on the town to celebrate as 2008 rings in. If you do decide to partake in alcoholic revelry, please do so in moderation because there’s nothing worse than a sloshy mommy. Have fun tonight, mamas!

Here’s what’s cooking on today.

  • Is your baby teething? Here are four remedies to give her some relief.

  • Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have fun tonight; you just have to whip up your own non-alcoholic pregnancy punch. Get our recipe.

  • Have you experienced carpooling nightmares that you’d rather forget? Use a new, free online service to get you and your carpooling buddies organized.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

  • Mary J. Blige and John Legend weigh in on Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy. See what they say, then tell us what you think.

  • Are you throwing a Christmas party over the weekend? Be sure to be on cocktail watch because experts say this is the time of year when alcohol poisoning in young children increases. Here are tips to avoid this from happening to your child.

  • Have you heard about the growing number of mothers who are getting plastic surgery to get rid of their mommy bodies? We believe in loving what God have us. Tell us what you think.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

  • Do you agree in bedsharing? Many mothers, especially in traditional, indigneous cultures, believe in bedsharing between infants and mothers. Increasingly American mothers are adopting the practice in their own lives. Bedsharing advocates believe this is a great way to foster a bond between mother and child and medical professionals believe bedsharing is a sure way to increase a baby’s SIDS risk. What do you think? Click here to weigh in.
  • Did you know that Motherhood Maternity stores offer in-store fitting experts? Click here to read more about how you can get sized to look fabulous with your growing belly.
  • Do you love beautiful sweaters? Who doesn’t? Liz Claiborne is running a 50% OFF sale on ALL sweaters. Click here to hop on this spectacular holiday sale.

Season Finale of I Love New York 2
We know you all saw the season finale of I Love New York 2! Were you just as disappointed as we were when New York picked Tailor Made? Or, were you cheering because of her choice? Weigh in the comments.

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