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A Pea In a Pod’s Swimwear and MilkMakers Cookies

While the summer is quickly drawing to a close there are still many days at the beach and the pool left before we have to officially put away our summer wear.

A Pea in the Pod has you covered — literally!

Check out these fabulous one pieces, including the smocked maternity tankini swimsuit in navy. Plus, A Pea in the Pod has a $20 off $100 purchase that ends TODAY! Be sure to take advantage of the savings!


While breastfeeding is a breeze for some moms, for others it can be a challenge. If you are having difficulty producing enough milk for your little one, consider MilkMakers.

MilkMakers are cookies that come packed with ingredients that help increase your milk supply like oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seed. Moms are advised to eat one to two MilkMakers each day to increase milk supply. And the packages can be stored in the freezer to maintain freshness.

Click the MilkMakers site to order.

Pacifiers Do Not Hinder Breastfeeding Sucess

mpp0002959Do you breastfeed and give your children a pacifier, or are you thinking about breastfeeding and wondering if you can use a pacifier? New research out of the University of Virginia School of Medicine shows that pacifier use does not hinder breastfeeding success at all.

“Physicians, nurses and others who advise parents on infant care issues do need to be educated about the potential benefit of using a pacifier for SIDS prevention, and further, now need to be reassured that using the pacifier should not interfere with breastfeeding,” says Fern Hauck, M.D, who also sits on an American Academy of Pediatrics task force on SIDS. Hauck authored a study on the association between pacifier use and reduced SIDS risk.

Hauck adds that the best time to introduce a pacifier is usually when the baby is three to four weeks old, after breastfeeding is well established. Most of all, mothers who choose to breast-feed need lots of support.

“The biggest barriers to continuing breastfeeding are a lack of support from family members, going back to work and using supplemental formula, especially before breastfeeding is well established.”

Pamper Your Skin: Cococare

cocoacareI had the pleasure of speaking with Joanne Schlesinger, Director of Marketing, at Cococare last week. Cococare has been formulating health and beauty aids for over 40 years and has the #1 selling 100% cocoa butter stick on the market today.

As I’m sure you probably already know, cocoa butter as well as other natural butters and vitamins like shea, vitamin E and vitamin C, do wonders for our skin. As mothers, when we are pregnant and even afterwards, cocoa butter helps to fight against stretch marks — naturally. Cococare’s 100% Cocoa Butter Stick, recently seen on Oprah, is a wonderful moisturizer to rub on your growing belly during pregnancy and even helps prevent stretch marks that are common during weight loss. 

Cococare also has a full line of products targeted to those who want 100% moisturizing care. In addition to their 100% Cocoa Butter Stick, they also have 100% Vitamin E Oil and 100% Shea Butter. african american pregnant womanThese product categories include creams, lotions, body oils and lip balms.

And, especially for moms, Cococare has created a line called Maternity Solutions that will serve you well during and after pregnancy. Not only do they have a special stretch mark cream, Cococare also has a  cream for painful breasts that may result from pregnancy and they have a nipple cream with lanolin for breastfeeding moms in the works.

One of the things I love about Cococare is that they do not test on animals. Animal testing is a deciding factor for me when I am making purchasing decisions for me and my family.

You can find Cococare in Walgreens, CVS and Wal-Mart and on their Web site,

Jennifer James, Editor

Black Women and Breast Cancer

All this week NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is airing a special series about African-American women. Tonight, Dr. Nancy Snyderman reported on the increasing number of African-American women who are getting breast cancer at younger ages and the type of breast cancer that is extremely difficult to treat. I, for one, am glad the information is getting out that black women need to get early onset screening, but there is a huge point that has been missed: breastfeeding.

I am almost positive many African-American women have no idea that they can lessen their likelihood of getting breast cancer by simply breastfeeding. And even if a mother cannot breastfeed exclusively, something is certainly better than nothing.

On my Black Breastfeeding Blog, I have mentioned many times before that I breastfed both of my daughters for two years each. I did it as much for their health and well-being as my own. I know that breastfeeding provides great natural healing and health for women and babies. More African-American women simply need to breastfed and I guarantee some of these breast cancer numbers would decrease.

Let me know what you think.