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Beating a dead horse: More about nursing in public

Kasia Sokalla is a great mom. Clearly she adores her daughter. In fact she breastfeeds, which we know is one of the best ways moms can show love for their little ones because there is nothing better than mama's milk. But.....she is in the middle of a vigorous "breastfeeding in public" debate at her daughter's… Continue reading Beating a dead horse: More about nursing in public

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When modesty threatens the cause

Like it or not, as is customary with all "isms" in the world, a wide range of diverse viewpoints and highly controversial perspectives are inherently active and present in lactivism. While I author a blog about breastfeeding, I've never considered myself a lactivist, just like I don't consider myself a feminist, or any other "ist"… Continue reading When modesty threatens the cause

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For all eyes to see — continued

As I mentioned a few hours ago, I'm not really down with showing a full breast while breastfeeding in public. And while what Maggie Gyllenhaal did (twice now) may be sparking a vigorous debate and is an attempt to normalize public breastfeeding, I still think it's a little inconsiderate given how sexualized the breast is.… Continue reading For all eyes to see — continued