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Toe Blooms for Sweet Baby Girls’ Tiny Feet

My daughters are nearly as tall as I am now, but when they were wee ones I would have loved these! ToeBlooms. How cute.

As moms, we know there is always that stage where you don’t want to put shoes on your babies so you simply keep their feet warm with socks when it’s cold or let them go barefoot when it’s hot outside. Toe Blooms are an adorable alternative to soft shoes or bland white socks with a small yellow bow. They wrap around your baby girl’s feet and add an adorable charm to any outfit.

Now that the holidays are upon us, there is really no cuter way to dress up those frilly velvet dresses. ToeBlooms let you dress your little girl up with a fashionable flare. And, they are always perfect gifts for new moms.

And, moms with boys, not to worry! They have ToeBuds for the little guys as well.

Plus, this is a mom-owned business and who doesn’t want to help fellow moms get a leg up in the business world?

ToeBlooms retail for around $22 – $24.

Free Herb eBook for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms

When I was pregnant I read as much about natural remedies as I could. I was a little rabid about it actually. When my daughters were babies I kept them away from all pharmaceutical baby medicines and instead used natural remedies when they were sick like rubbing garlic oil on the bottom of the feet, using Echinacea when they were sick, using tea tree oil when they got a rash, and juicing organic fruits (especially apples, oranges, and lemons) when they got first started getting the sniffles.

Earth Mama Baby Angel, a brand I trust and used when my girls were babies, has a free herb eBook on their site. Make sure to check it out. It has great information in it.
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Baby Names, 2010 Parenting Trends & STOKKE just released the top baby names in 2009. Aidan was the top boys’ name and Isabella was the top girl’s name. Click here to find the top baby names of 2009 for both boys and girls. And if you’re interested to see what singer Jennifer Hudson named her little boy, click here to find out.

I love parenting trends for 2010. The first one I am completely in agreement with. Parents want to lose the pastel baby furniture and buy furniture that will grow with their child instead of having limited use.

STOKKE* has a wide range of very sophisticated nursery furniture in basic colors that also convert to furniture that your child can use as she gets older.

Free TableTop from STOKKE, Farofa Nation and College Students and Social Networking

If you are in the hunt for a new highchair I cannot recommend the Tripp Trapp from STOKKE* enough. Not only does it come in twelve wonderful colors, it also adjusts as your child grows. Essentially you will never have to throw your Tripp Trapp away. It grows with your child and holds up to 300 pounds. I use ours at my desk.

Now through the end of the year, when you buy a Tripp Trapp highchair you will receive a STOKKE Table Top for free. Because the Tripp Trapp allows your child to sit with you at the table and doesn’t have a tray, the Table Top is a great way to keep the mess away on your table as your child eats. Plus, it has an educational component to it with six different templates you can switch out.
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Prematurity Awareness Day

I am a lucky woman. Both of my daughters were born full term and healthy. Sadly this isn’t the case for every baby. One in eight babies is born premature in the United States and those numbers soar when we start talking specifically about African-American babies.

Today, Prematurity Awareness Day, I want to take a moment to say a little prayer for all of those sweet babies who are fighting for their life right now in the NICU or have even been given the OK to go home. The are already facing so many challenges and it can’t be easy for their families.

Thankfully, the March of Dimes provides a wealth of information, advice, and support to families who are caring for a premature baby and for pregnant women who want to learn as much as possible about having a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

To donate, volunteer, learn more about having a healthy pregnancy or if you need resources to care for a premature baby, visit

Maclaren Issues Statement About Recall


I’m sure many of you heard about the Maclaren recall that was initiated last week due to unsafe hinges that amputated the tips of children’s fingers both in the US and in the UK. As a result, Maclaren recalled all of their umbrella strollers from 1999-2009.

Last Friday they issued a statement to consumers. Although I’ve never been a Maclaren user and, in fact, I consult for a high-end baby company, I thought you might be interested to read what Maclaren has to say in light of the backlash over their recalled strollers.
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Fight for Preemies and Diabetics

While November 1st marked the very first day of the holiday season, there are two issues that are also being honed in upon this month: diabetes and premature birth.

November is American Diabetes Month. I’m sure you probably have someone close to you who is suffering from diabetes. It is such a horrible disease, but one that is completely preventable with diet, exercise, and healthy living.

This year the American Diabetes Association is launching a campaign called Stop Diabetes because diabetes is now an epidemic in this country. There are 24 million children and adults who are living with Type 1 Diabetes and 57 million more are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

Visit for more information about ways you can prevent and or control diabetes in your life and  in the lives of others.
November also marks Prematurity Awareness Month spearheaded by the March of Dimes. On November 17 hundreds of bloggers, including myself, will blog to raise awareness about prematurity. 20 million babies are born premature every year and the numbers are higher for black babies. We need to save them through awareness.

Visit the March of Dimes prematurity web site to learn about signs and symptoms of preterm labor and questions you should ask yourself to see if you’re at risk for preterm labor.

Pregnancy Doesn’t Give You the License to Pig Out

Silky Pregnancy

OK…I admit it: When I was pregnant with my second daughter I ate everything under the sun. In fact, the day she was born I recall eating Chinese sesame chicken and a coke. Both my pregnancies were vastly different. For my first, I did everything by the book and for my second I did everything by my taste buds! While I wasn’t obese I sure was pushing it. I couldn’t stop eating and subsequently I have battled my weight ever since.

A new study from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Reasearch says obese women gain too much weight during pregnancy and tend to keep 40% of the weight gained during pregnancy after the baby is born. That’s a lot of weight!

Here are some valuable tips for controlling excess weight gain during pregnancy.

— Every day eat 8-12 fruit and vegetable servings, 3 servings of low-fat dairy, 5-9 ounces of protein-rich foods, 6-10 servings of whole grains, and 3-7 teaspoons of healthy fat (e.g., olive or canola oil, nuts).
— Eat regular meals and small healthy snacks between meals.
— Reduce fat to less than 30 percent of calories.
— Reduce consumption of sweets and sweetened drinks.
— Keep a food diary to check for nutritional adequacy and portion
— Eat only 100-300 extra calories per day beyond what your calorie needs were before you became pregnant.
— Exercise 30 minutes on most days. If you aren’t exercising, talk to
your provider about how to start an exercise program.

Test Your IQ on Premature Birth Rates in the U.S.

Happy Mother Holding BabyAs you’re probably aware, the infant mortality rate in the black community is 2.3 times that of white babies according to the Office of Minority Health. Researchers, doctors, and even our government cannot determine why black babies are dying at such alarming rates, but there is power in knowing as much as possible about infant mortality and knowing resources that are available to you in order to save your child.

Below are four questions about infant mortality I hope you will answer or either pass along to your readers. Answers are after the jump.


What is preterm birth?

a. Preterm birth is childbirth occurring earlier than 39 completed weeks of pregnancy
b. Preterm birth is childbirth occurring earlier than 40 completed weeks of pregnancy
c. Preterm birth is childbirth occurring earlier than 37 completed weeks of pregnancy

How many babies in the United States are born premature?

a. 1 in 5 babies
b. 1 in 12 babies
c. 1 in 14 babies


Which women are at the greatest risk of preterm birth?

a. Women who have had a previous preterm birth
b. Women who are pregnant with multiple babies
c. Women with a short cervix
d. All of the above


True of False: Can preterm birth can be predicted?

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Apparel Announcements

SKU10029One of the hottest maternity lines to hit the market since Liz Lange is now set to launch on

Moody Mamas, the brand that has graced the pregnant bellies of celebs like Laila Ali, Heidi Klum, and Jessica Alba is now available to everyday moms who want to look fantastic during their pregnancies and beyond. Moody Mamas’ style transitions well post-pregnancy.

Click here to see their collection on and visit for their whole collection.


If you visit as many mom blogs and parenting sites as I do, then you know there are a plethora of companies out there that make organic clothes for babies and toddlers. How can you tell them apart?

Different companies have different styles. That’s a given. But when companies go beyond the call of duty and give back to charity and make the working conditions better for those laborers who manufacture their end product, that makes me very content and that’s a deal-sealer for me.

Funkoos not only had hip styles for your little one, they also manufacture their products in fair-trade factories that are certified by Global Organic Textile Standards.

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