Toe Blooms for Sweet Baby Girls’ Tiny Feet

My daughters are nearly as tall as I am now, but when they were wee ones I would have loved these! ToeBlooms. How cute.

As moms, we know there is always that stage where you don’t want to put shoes on your babies so you simply keep their feet warm with socks when it’s cold or let them go barefoot when it’s hot outside. Toe Blooms are an adorable alternative to soft shoes or bland white socks with a small yellow bow. They wrap around your baby girl’s feet and add an adorable charm to any outfit.

Now that the holidays are upon us, there is really no cuter way to dress up those frilly velvet dresses. ToeBlooms let you dress your little girl up with a fashionable flare. And, they are always perfect gifts for new moms.

And, moms with boys, not to worry! They have ToeBuds for the little guys as well.

Plus, this is a mom-owned business and who doesn’t want to help fellow moms get a leg up in the business world?

ToeBlooms retail for around $22 – $24.

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