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Living In a Little Luxury: Trump Miami and Blogalicious

This the very first time I’ve ever been to Miami and I must say it’s a fabulous place to visit! It’s October. It’s 80 plus degress. The sun is beaming splendidly. The pace is fast. You get the picture.

I am down here for the annual Blogalicious conference where I will be speaking about finding your tribe as a blogger. As a blogger since 2004 I know a little about finding and even creating your own tribe. Be sure to follow the #blogalicious10 hashtag on Twitter to see all the action, information, and blogging and social media tips.

While I’m here in Miami I am staying at the Trump International in Suny Isles, about 30 minutes frm South Beach! It is beyond fabulous. I love it.  Why? Because they believe in paying attetion to the details.  I travel a lot and I know it’s the little things that matter.

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