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Free TableTop from STOKKE, Farofa Nation and College Students and Social Networking

If you are in the hunt for a new highchair I cannot recommend the Tripp Trapp from STOKKE* enough. Not only does it come in twelve wonderful colors, it also adjusts as your child grows. Essentially you will never have to throw your Tripp Trapp away. It grows with your child and holds up to 300 pounds. I use ours at my desk.

Now through the end of the year, when you buy a Tripp Trapp highchair you will receive a STOKKE Table Top for free. Because the Tripp Trapp allows your child to sit with you at the table and doesn’t have a tray, the Table Top is a great way to keep the mess away on your table as your child eats. Plus, it has an educational component to it with six different templates you can switch out.


I love creative tees for kids, especially those that when purchased help children in need. Farofa Nation creates wildly unique tees for kids that will make them stand out in the crowd. Plus, 10% of the purchase price goes to TASK BRASIL, a non-profit organization that aids the street children of Brazil.

On the Net:


If you have concerns about the amount of social networking your college student is involved in, don’t be. A study recently released from the University of New Hampshire says while students have increased their social media use, their grades have not suffered.

* I am the social media specialist for STOKKE.

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