Food News

It is the holiday season and there is high caloric food everywhere! I have done quite well thus far, especially since I’m currently doing a 6-week challenge. I haven’t caved into buying Christmas candy and cookies and haven’t planned to bake with my daughters until Christmas Day, so no overeating up until the big day for me.

Even though I am watching what I eat I have also been watching food news because it’s fun.

The Food Channel released their annual list of food trends recently. I agree with them that in 2010 we will be going back to basics with more natural foods. It’s getting easier to buy foods that are good for us and aren’t overly processed. I’m excited to see the new products that will come to market in the new year that have whole ingredients.

The Food Channel also thinks sustainability will be hot in 2010. I think there are still a few more years to go before it becomes mainstream. Sustainability still equals considerably more in cost for most Americans. So while a subset of Americans will be all about sustainable foods and eating, it won’t be a priority for the vast majority.

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