Empowerment Cards for Your iPhone or iPod Touch

I love my iPod Touch! I think I’ve mentioned that more times that I can count. As I was perusing the Net tonight I found an app that I think is well worth downloading. It’s an app of empowerment cards from Tavis Smiley created by Oceanhouse Media. This app looks great, perfect for that moment of stillness you need in the middle of your day, when you wake up, or when you’re about to retire for the evening.

I love the ethnic art on each card and the empowering sayings on each. You can use each card  for proactive mindfulness and personal empowerment. And you can also share the cards with your friends by emailing them an empowerment card.

As the new year approaches The Tavis Smiley app is an excellent way to begin making personal goals and plans and envisioning  them first so they are bound to come to fruition.

I will say, though, that the app is a little pricey at $3.99, far more expensive than other empowerment cards, like the Om Meditations also from Oceanhouse Media.

On the Net: www.oceanhousemedia.com

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