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Nearly Two-Thirds of Children Have Been Bullied in Past Month, Resources Included to Help Your Child

iStock_000009411150XSmallWhen I was in school I used to be bullied and picked on. I don’t think any of us haven’t been there. I used to hate it! It certainly didn’t make school any easier. Thankfully I was a bookworm who cared only about my studies, but still to this day I think about how being picked on really hurt my self-esteem. At least all of that is past me, but children still have to be subjected to bullying day in and day out. Some think bullying is a right of passage for children and that it’s a fact of life. I think that’s wrong! That’s one of the reasons my husband and I homeschool our children. We’d rather them concentrate on becoming smart young ladies and not have to deal with the haters.

A new study released by the American Public Health Association reports nearly 2/3 of all children have been bullied in the past month. And although it was once believed bullying happened most often where children weren’t supervised, new data shows children are most bullied inside the classroom.

The APHA gathered information from 10,000 anonymous online surveys. The data breakdown is the following:

  • 43 percent had been physically bullied
  • 51 percent teased in an unfriendly way
  • 50 percent called hurtful names
  • 31 percent excluded from a group to hurt their feelings
  • 28 percent had belongings taken or broken
  • 39 percent had an unkind rumor spread about them
  • 21 percent were threatened to be hurt.
  • 66 percent of the middle school students had been the victim of multiple bullying behaviors during the last month.

Resources to Help Your Children Stand Up to Bullies

LB_94821_FL 0001Stand Up For Yourself and Your Friends
by Patti Kelley Criswell
illustrated by Angela Martini

This book helps girls 8 and up spot bullying, stand up for their friends and stand up for themselves. Utilizing quizzes, what-if scenarios and illustrations, this is a great book to get your daughter thinking and standing up for herself.

1578864836Preventing Bullying: Helping Kids Form Positive Relationships
by Meline Kevorkian

From the publisher: Readers will also learn the signs that a child is the victim of bullying. This book will be of interest to all parents and teachers of students in grades K-12.

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