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If the New Kristin Tote from Coach is Good Enough for Halle, It’s Good Enough for Me

Some people love everything Apple. They’re affectionately known as “Macheads”. Some people will drive their Volvos until the wheels fall off. And some women would, without batting an eye, be happily buried in their Pradas. It’s true. So, what do I love this much? Many things. But I absolutely adore Coach handbags. Love them!

Every summer from when I was 8 until I was 12 I visited my grandparents in Cleveland, OH and I used to hang out with my aunt, who was and still is one of the coolest and most stylish people on the planet! All she carried was Coach. She had Coach wallets, and Coach key chains, and, of course, Coach handbags. You name it, she had it. She is amazingly stylish to this day and I wanted to be just like her. Even though I am not nearly as stylish as she is, nor will I ever be, I followed in her footsteps and am also a lover of Coach handbags. So, naturally, it was a pleasure for me to review their new Kristin tote.


The Kristin tote is in a word, gorgeous! Sounds cliché, I know, but since I have to send it back you can take my genuine word for it! The Kristin tote is one of those handbags that women will come up to you and ask who you’re wearing. It’s one of those handbags that become an instant conversation piece. It’s very, very simple, but the details are unmistakable.

Made of soft leather the Kristin tote is easy to carry and isn’t stiff. I hate stiff leather handbags, don’t you? My favorite details are the chains that make up the handles and the majestic purple lining. The chains are heavy enough to allow you to really feel the quality of the bag, but certainly not overbearing. The flap on the outside makes grabbing your wallet or cell phone extremely simple. For people like me whose handbags become dark bottomless pits, the pouch on the outside is where you place all your essentials. It will make your life so much easier!

Halle Berry with kristin Leather Tote in black

Halle Berry was recently seen carrying her Kristin tote. What can I say? She definitely has good taste! The Kristin Tote comes in three colors: green, black, and brown and retails for $598.

On the Net:

Full disclosure: I received a PR sample for review and have to return it to the Coach offices in NYC.

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