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Fight for Preemies and Diabetics

While November 1st marked the very first day of the holiday season, there are two issues that are also being honed in upon this month: diabetes and premature birth.

November is American Diabetes Month. I’m sure you probably have someone close to you who is suffering from diabetes. It is such a horrible disease, but one that is completely preventable with diet, exercise, and healthy living.

This year the American Diabetes Association is launching a campaign called Stop Diabetes because diabetes is now an epidemic in this country. There are 24 million children and adults who are living with Type 1 Diabetes and 57 million more are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

Visit for more information about ways you can prevent and or control diabetes in your life and  in the lives of others.
November also marks Prematurity Awareness Month spearheaded by the March of Dimes. On November 17 hundreds of bloggers, including myself, will blog to raise awareness about prematurity. 20 million babies are born premature every year and the numbers are higher for black babies. We need to save them through awareness.

Visit the March of Dimes prematurity web site to learn about signs and symptoms of preterm labor and questions you should ask yourself to see if you’re at risk for preterm labor.

1 thought on “Fight for Preemies and Diabetics”

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning the March of Dimes “fight for preemies” and this being Prematurity Awareness Month. I look forward to your post on the 17th!

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