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Four Scary Reads for Halloween


Melissa Jenkins, assistant English Professor at Wake Forest University, suggests four stories that are frightful, yet stellar reads for Halloween. If you’re like my mother, there’s always room for a scary novel.

Jenkins suggests:

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson/Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

“You think that you know these stories, because so many of the details have trickled down into popular culture. So, reading the originals will be a surprise. Frankenstein and Strange Case have been popular for so long because they both ask universal questions about loneliness and guilt and human responsibility.”

Thinner by Steven King
“A truly terrifying tale of a man who begins to lose weight uncontrollably after … an accident.”

Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
“One of the greatest terror books ever written using the power of suggestion to induce fear in the reader.”

The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
“With 60 novels and 19 plays to choose from, you can’t go wrong.”

And, if you ask me, anything by Toni Morrison will frighten your socks right off. Her fixation with knives, fire, and her characters’ inherent sadness are perfect for a scary Halloween week read.

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