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Brands at Blogalicious

nourish_874_generalThere were tons of brands at Blogalicious that wanted to get their product into the hands of savvy women bloggers of color. So this week I will dedicate a few posts on those products that stood out to me and that I think you, dear readers, would love to know about.

The first company I’ll be sharing is Nourish. Nourish is an Atlanta-based company created by a mom that helps other moms feed their babies and toddlers on the go. She created cute BPA-free, recyclable bottles filled with spring water to either easily mix formula or simply give your toddler water.

What’s ingenious about the Nourish bottles is the toddler bottle has a sippy cup end and the baby bottle has a nipple end already on it. I was a breastfeeding mom and always encourage breastfeeding for the health and well-being of black babies, BUT if you have decided to bottle-feed, Nourish is a great way to mix formula when you’re in a rush or on the go.

The bottles of spring water are $3.50 each and you can buy them online at B. Braithwaite. Did I mention they’re BPA-free and recyclable? Love that!

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