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Spankings Lead to Early Aggressiveness, Developmental Delays


Spanking are always a daunting topic to discuss because on one hand there are some parents who swear by its use and effectiveness and others believe wholeheartedly that using spankings as a corrective tool is the most abusive practice known to mankind.

A new study conducted at Duke University and published in the September issue of Child Development says babies and toddlers who are spanked show clear signs of aggressiveness by age 2 and developmental delays by age 3.

The researchers studied 2573 toddlers who were enrolled in a HeadStart program and discovered that low-income mothers are more likely to spank their babies by the age of 1 and spank more often when they are depressed. Boys are spanked more often than girls and these mothers spanked their children on average twice each week.

In my opinion, that’s a lot of spankings! That’s roughly eight spankings a month and that’s probably a conservative estimate.

What I see in this study is low-income mothers don’t have the time or patience to correct behavioral problems when they arise so the only way they can handle and address it is through spankings. This is unfortunate because spankings don’t work every time.

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