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YoBaby Turns 10 — You’re Kidding Me!

PR NEWSWIREWhen I hear things like “YoBaby Turns 10” I am reminded how old my daughters are now. Sometimes I ache for the days when they were younger with chubby thighs and pudgy cheeks. Now they’re 11 and 8 and aren’t babies anymore. Sigh. I’m starting to fret about college these days instead of trying to figure out the best stroller for my little ones. Time does indeed fly!

I have been a Stonyfield Farm loyal customer for years and am thrilled to share this good news for your growing toddlers. YoBaby now offers a 3-in-1 meal for your baby. There is now yogurt, protein, and a veggie in each 6 ounce cup in these great flavors: Pear & Green Bean, Peach & Squash, Apple & Sweet Potato. Yum!

YoBaby Meals Benefits:

  • organic (always a PLUS!)
  • provides more than 35% of a toddler’s daily protein and calcium
  • great way to slip veggies into your child’s diet

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