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I’m Obsessed: My iPod Touch and Me!

PR NEWSWIREI admit it: I LOVE my iPod Touch! It possesses everything I’ve ever wanted in a mobile device and it’s perfect for someone like me who has no need for an iPhone and its monthly cost.

Whenever I travel I always use my iPod to check my email, tweet (via a Twitter app), update my Facebook page, read the news, download podcasts, and just surf the Net. Increasingly public places have wi-fi from airports and planes to hotels and restaurants, so it’s always relatively easy to get on the Internet. And now 8GB iPod Touches start at $199. There’s no better time to snatch one up, especially as the holidays approach. An iPod Touch is a great gift to yourself. You won’t regret the purchase if you are a digital mom like me.


Last week, Apple also unveiled their much anticipated new iPod Nanos which will have:

  • video camera
  • larger screens
  • FM radio (they read my mind!)

The Nanos start at $149.

On the Net: www.apple.com

1 thought on “I’m Obsessed: My iPod Touch and Me!”

  1. You and me both, the IPOD Touch was my lifeline when sitting in hot muggy gyms between basketball games. Also, I don’t have to argue witht he kids over who gets the laptop! LOL!

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