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My Gamer Girls at EA Maxis Studios and EA Redwood Shores

Thanks to EA Play (@EAPlay), my daughters were able to experience a trip of a lifetime. Last Wednesday, they traveled with me to San Francisco to visit EA Maxis Studios in Emeryville, the makers of Spore, and the EA Redwood Shores campus and had a marvelous time.

All of the pictures were taken by my daughters save the ones with them in them. I wanted to see the trip through their eyes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2009: Traveling

We set out early on Wednesday morning because we had a 7:30 flight to San Francisco by way of Philadelphia. Since my daughters were first-time fliers, they received a certificate from the ticket agents. I thought that was a nice touch by US Airways.

Before we reached San Francisco we had a four-hour layover in Philadelphia. We ate, we walked, we people-watched, and we saw the Philadelphia Eagles plane. Very cool!

After the longest 4 1/2 hour flight in history (US Air, you have to get TVs on all your planes!) we finally made it to San Francisco. EA put us up in the Hotel Adagio, which is quite unlike most of the hotels where I stay during mom blogger trips. Typically we’re housed at big chain hotels. I liked Hotel Adagio. Not huge. Very quaint. Nice service. Great decor.

Aah, the food my daughters couldn’t eat in the hotel room. Luckily a Walgreens was just a block away.

Thursday, August 28, 2009: EA Maxis Studio

We decided to get up early and start our day at Starbucks. Who doesn’t, right?

And then off we went to EA Maxis Studio in Emeryville where all the kids got to play Spore Hero on the Wii and on the DS. My daughters didn’t know much about Spore save the iPhone app. They had such a great time creating characters and then running them through the world. Spore Hero on the Wii and DS will be released on October 6. My girls can’t wait! They’re both little Wii fanatics.

After lunch, Nikki from Maxis took the kids across the street to the playground. They loved it! I thought it was nice to let the kids run and play after playing games all day.

We loved it at Maxis Studio. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. I especially liked meeting one of the artists for Spore Hero..a woman. It was eye opening for my daughters to see a woman who worked on the game in the midst of tons of testosterone. I asked her what kids need to know to work in the gaming industry. She said they must be creative and know their math, especially geometry.

Thanks to everyone at EA Maxis Studios. And thank you for the great gift bag with Spore and Spore Galatic Adventures for the PC and Mac, and the t-shirts.

Next Post: Friday at EA Redwood Shores

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