Centric Television from BET Launching This November

As someone who doesn’t watch TV I rely solely on the Internet for my daily dose of news. That means when news isn’t breaking I often miss it. Take for example: I had no idea BET was launching a brand-new channel called Centric and it sounds like a station I would actually watch, that is if I watched televison.

Centric (www.centrictv.com) will launch in November and target middle-aged blacks. I’m far from middle-aged, but I’m intrigued by this new channel. The “perfect example” of the people who would watch this channel is Barack and Michelle Obama, says Scott Mills, the President of BET.

BET Networks celebrated the upcoming launch of its new network Centric at a star-studded event on Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday, August 20. Hosted by BET Networks Chairman & CEO Debra L. Lee and Centric Executive Vice President and General Manager Paxton Baker, the party featured a performance by Erykah Badu, and included guests such as Spike Lee, NAACP president Ben Jealous and Universal Motown head Sylvia Rhone. (PRNewsFoto/BET Networks,Rick Friedman)

4 thoughts on “Centric Television from BET Launching This November”

  1. Hello,

    I am enjoying Centric television. I like the program line ups. However, what happen to the gospel show that came on at 6AM and 7AM? It’s been a few months now. Will they return?

    Love my Martin series. But, it has not been on at its regularly scheduled times because of the Michael Jackson show. I like Michael Jackson, but why is the show repeated so many times and everyday?

    Lastly, the commercial with Toni Braxton. I have no problem with the commercial. When there is a break from the videos, that commercial will come on back to back at least two times in a row. This morning it was three times. Oy vye!

    Overall, a great job! The line ups of new shows, such Soul Train are nice!

    Thank you.


  2. I really enjoy your station and I am so happy you are showing Miami Vice and especially Homicide. I always like Homicide and was very upset when it was cut. I think is one of the best shows on. thank you again

  3. I’ve been enjoying the old shows on centric, especially Homicide. But it suddenly disappreared Please return to showing the series. I’d really appreciate it.

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