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Why I Love Wii Fitness — My EA Sports Active Update

As most of you know I am currently on the EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge. I have been keeping updates on my blog on www.easportsactive.com, but I also wanted to write an update here because with a little under two weeks to go I am extremely excited with my results thus far. Since starting the challenge on April 18 I have lost 20 pounds!!! Here’s how I look today.
Here’s how I looked before the challenge during the EA Sports Active Kickoff Weekend.
Big difference!

You’re probably wondering how in the world I lost 20 pounds since April 18 and it’s as easy as this: Working hard with EA Sports Active! Believe me when I say you can tone and get a really great cardiovascular workout with EA Sports Active! I’ve been doing the 30-Day Challenge workouts, but have also been killing customized workouts my husband and I created. They aren’t easy by a long shot, but they are working.

A couple of people have asked me, “Are you eating?” The simple answer to that question is YES! There is no way I can do these challenging workouts without eating well-balanced meals and if I were starving myself my body would try to conserve every bit of food and the scale wouldn’t move an inch. In fact, I ate a meatball sub from Quiznos yesterday and it was delicious! This morning when I did my workout I had the energy to get through it with 110% effort.

I love EA Sports Active. It has really changed my life.

Check out my blog on EASportsActive.com.

Oh, by the way…A few weeks ago I couldn’t wear that shirt or those tights! Go, me :)

3 thoughts on “Why I Love Wii Fitness — My EA Sports Active Update”

  1. It is time for me to take my EA Active out tof the box and actually use it. I will also dust of the Wii Fit sitting under a chait somewheres…

    CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss and thanks for the inspiration…

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