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Pacifiers Do Not Hinder Breastfeeding Sucess

mpp0002959Do you breastfeed and give your children a pacifier, or are you thinking about breastfeeding and wondering if you can use a pacifier? New research out of the University of Virginia School of Medicine shows that pacifier use does not hinder breastfeeding success at all.

“Physicians, nurses and others who advise parents on infant care issues do need to be educated about the potential benefit of using a pacifier for SIDS prevention, and further, now need to be reassured that using the pacifier should not interfere with breastfeeding,” says Fern Hauck, M.D, who also sits on an American Academy of Pediatrics task force on SIDS. Hauck authored a study on the association between pacifier use and reduced SIDS risk.

Hauck adds that the best time to introduce a pacifier is usually when the baby is three to four weeks old, after breastfeeding is well established. Most of all, mothers who choose to breast-feed need lots of support.

“The biggest barriers to continuing breastfeeding are a lack of support from family members, going back to work and using supplemental formula, especially before breastfeeding is well established.”

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