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Pampers Mommy and Daddy Blogger Event 2.0 — Final Recap

pampersarchiveIt’s been a week since I attended the Pampers Mommy and Daddy Blogger Event 2.0. For me, I absolutely love getting a behind-the-scenes look at companies to form a clear understanding about the philosophy behind the products they make, how their products best help me as a mom, and how they, as a company, impact the world.

I was really impressed by how Pampers develops products that help make parents’ lives easier with quality, well-made diapers that cause less leakage and wipes that are safe for your baby. Did you know that Pampers wipes are so safe that you can eat them? Pampers doesn’t recommend it, but if your child puts them in his mouth, he’ll be okay.

During the event we were treated to a visit to the Procter and Gamble archives (first picture above) where we were able to learn a brief  history of the company and see packaging and branding for tons of the P&G products through the years. You wouldn’t believe how much smaller diaper packages have become. You used to have to buy huge boxes of Pampers, now smaller packaging for the same amount of diapers is more efficient for parents, shipping, and for the environment.

I met some really exceptional people during the event.


Jodi Allen, Vice President of North American Baby Care, understands the digital space and how important bloggers and social media are to the Pampers brand. I always respect execs who understand the future of communication and embrace it as opposed to those who are scared to death of it and shun it hoping it will go away. Kudos to Jodi Allen for understanding the power of social media!

One of the first people I had the chance to talk to was Kelly Anchrum, External Relations Global Baby Care Director.


She and her team talked to us about Pampers and sustainability. One of the best anecdotes about sustainability she mentioned was that when she worked for Procter and Gamble in Sweden (one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world), the vast majority of Swedish parents use disposable diapers. That was pretty powerful for me.

I also met Paige Heninger of MommyCast fame. A mother of five and gamer mom to the core, Paige is an amazing woman and podcasting visionary.  It was such a thrill meeting her! I hope we get a chance to meet again soon.


If you haven’t visited Parent Hacks before then you’ve really been under a rock. Parent Hacks was created in 2005 by Asha Dornfest who I had the pleasure of meeting as well. Asha is so smart and asked the best questions. Because of her I got more out of the event because she pushed the conversation in directions that were beneficial to all of us. Thanks, Asha!

One mom blogger I met who was really great is Kristen from Barista Kids. She writes a local parenting blog for those living in Montclair, NJ. Not only was she so friendly and a wonderful soul, she’s also brilliant. Yep


Pampers also invited a Dad blogger, Matt Logelin, to their event. If you haven’t read his blog, go check it out. He’s one of the best Dad bloggers out there.

It’s nice when these events are more diverse. They even invited a blogger all the way from China and provided her with a translator the entire time. In China most moms use cloth diapers, but some are moving to using disposable diapers at night. She was shocked to hear that American mothers are also moving to cloth diapers. She was under the impression that we all use disposable.

I also met Deanna from Domestic Chicky and Apronista and Patty from Just Mommies who were both delightful and wonderful! In the haste of the two days I met other mom bloggers, but didn’t get their deets. I hate when that happens. 

Thanks, Pampers for sharing with all of us and inviting us to your wonderful event for bloggers!

All of these photos were taken by the professional photographers at the event. They’re a godsend for the lazy blogger like me!

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