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Board Books for Toddlers Make Early Reading Fun

books32109There is nothing quite as gratifying as giving your children a real love of learning. I’m of the belief that passing on that gift starts as early as when children begin holding books and realizing that the sounds coming out of your mouth actually mean something. Board books are excellent for young children who want to easily grasp books, look at their illustrations, and gaze at symbols that will eventually turn into words.


Candlewick Press has great board book options for young children ages 1-3. Silly Suzy Goose (1) written and illustrated by Petr Horácek familiarizes toddlers with all sorts of animals and the sounds they make. A Little Kitty(2)and A Little Puppy(3) introduces children to the small concept. And finally, The Sleepy Sheep(4) help you teach your child how to count backwards from 10 to 1.

TIP: For excellent advice and recommendations for reading to toddlers visit Reading Milestons on

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