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Candlewick’s New Read-Along Books

I love children’s books and one of my favorite children’s book publishers is Candlewick Press. Candlewick consistently puts together the magic of phenomenal stories with exceptional illustrators. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Candlewick Press book that I didn’t like.

thinkofaneelToday I received two audio books from Candlewick’s spring catalog: Think of An Eel and T-Rex. Both intended for an audience of 5-8 year-olds, I let my daughters sit and listen to both books and they loved them equally. Before they listened to Think of An Eel, my youngest asked me what do eels eat, but after listening to the story, she was able to tell me what they eat in detail. I believe because she heard it and read along in a book she will remember the answer to her question far longer than if I had simply told her. 

These two read-along books took me back to my elementary days when my teachers would pop in a tape recording of a story and all of us had to read along. Although I’m not quite sure I think my daughters enjoyed Think of An Eel and T-Rex as much as I enjoyed books like them when I was a kid.

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