Business Spotlight: Kisha’s Kids

img_2294lowresWe always love to see moms embark on wonderful, soul-fulfilling pursuits that uplift their families, themselves, and countless other families as well. Kisha Holt, the owner and creator of kisha’s kids, a ground breaking company which addresses the needs of families who have been searching for positive images in African-American children’s room décor and gift items, is the epitome of a supermom. With four children, a husband, and a burgeoning business, Kisha Holt proves that the sky is the limit and nothing is impossible in this life if you dream it and believe it.

Kisha was nice enough to share with us more about her business and also offer sage advice to other moms who want to start their own journey of self-fulfillment.

Why did you start kisha’s kids?

I started kisha’s kids because there was such a void in the marketplace for home décor, accessories and gifts portraying children with brown skin. After looking tirelessly each time I became pregnant (I have 4 kids) and finding nothing but posters and a few low quality items, my frustration, coupled with prayer, changed the purpose of my searching. kishaskidsYou see, I was no longer searching for just my children, I was searching for all black children. The plan was that if I contacted wholesalers to purchase larger quantities then I could pull products from many sources to create a place where black folks could come to buy things for their kids. Of course the larger companies made these products, the smaller companies just didn’t have enough black people frequenting their establishments to justify stocking their shelves with merchandise featuring black people! Right?? Wrong!!

I searched high and low and no one carried what I was looking for. Then I thought, as a way to start, I could get these big companies to create a “black version” of the “white products”. I figured something was better than nothing! Well that didn’t work either. None of those large companies were interested in creating anything other than what they already offered, be it white, black or purple! I finally realized I would have to manufacture these products on my own. Being a teacher (before leaving the classroom to stay home with my kids) I had not a clue as to how to make this happen! After a lot of research, phone calls, net surfing, etc. I was able to find artists and manufacturers and I eventually produced canvas wall art, area rugs, picture frames, growth charts and wall clocks. I also searched to find the best dolls, games and anything fabulous that portrayed positive images of black children. I also found all sorts of wonderful things that don’t have images of anyone on them – they’re just well-made, unique and beautiful! 

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