Melinda Doolittle Still Belting Out Beauties

melinda-doolittle2_lWhen Melinda Doolittle was voted off American Idol a few seasons ago I vowed that I would never watch the show again and to this day I have been true to my word. A late convert to the show, I watched in awe every week as Melinda beautifully belted out song after song with amazing 61hm-p1h75l_ss500_ range and flawless intonation. I just knew Melinda would win, but as we all know, she didn’t. But even though she wasn’t a winner on American Idol, she’s got a winner on her hands with her debut album, Coming Back to You

In signature Melinda Doolittle style, Coming Back to You boasts songs reminiscent of the musical style that suits her voice best — Motown and classic soul. “Fundamental Things” could easily find itself  in a Tina Turner songbook, even while being infused with Doolittle’s deep, resonating voice. And “Declaration of Love” easily reminds one of the days of “Fame” and Donna Summer. 

Listening to the album you’re taken on a retro ride through some of the most beloved musical sounds we’ve heard over the past half century — including Motown, 80’s soul, and with a few jazzy moments and gospel touches sprinkled throughout. 

Coming Back to You is a mature musical effort for Doolittle that will serve her well as she continues to hone her individual style and come into her own. Hopefully, though, with her second album she will create a sound that is less reminiscent of others, but an unmistakable rendition of who Melinda Doolittle really is.

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6 thoughts on “Melinda Doolittle Still Belting Out Beauties”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, MommyToo! So appropriate, as well, since Melinda often described herself as the “momma” of her season’s group! lol

    Yes, Our Girl has remained true to herself (“I am an old-school, Motown girl at heart”) in her debut CD. Melinda paying homage to the greats her first time out is a testimony that she has accepted their baton hand-off of musical excellence and is running(singing) on to the finish line (multiple cd and ticket sales and awards)!

    This is the Melinda we wanted: sometimes funky and sometimes bluesy, sometimes a voice full of love-angst and sometimes a voice brimming with let’s hear that again grit but always giving us those trademark thrills and chills.

    When you visit her official web site – http://www.melindadoolittle.com – you can get the latest updates, blogs, tour info, photos and buy goodies in her fan store that also benefit Malaria No More.

    Thanks for helping Melinda’s Street Team and Backups spread the Melindaluv! ;-)

  2. Thanks to share the love we have for Melinda!

    Keep update about Melinda’s career at http://www.melindasbackups.com which is a website owed by Melinda Doolittle. Melinda’s Backup’s a non-profit supportive association inspired by Melinda and authorized by her to operate this web site on behalf of her fans.

    I am one of her backups (fans) and can truly say that not only is Melinda hugely talented but she is also exceptionally kind and gracious. Thanks to spread the love we have for Melinda!

  3. Keep update about Melinda’s career at melindasbackups.com.. I am one of her backups (fans) and can truly say that not only is Melinda hugely talented but she also exceptionally kind and gracious

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