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Mother-to-Be Jill Scott on Pregnancy and Motherhood

jillscottartEssence.com has a wonderful feature article on their Web site today. If you haven’t heard the news yet, Jill Scott is pregnant and expecting a son in April. What’s so amazing about her pregnancy is that she was told that would never be able to conceive, but as we all know, everything is on God’s timetable. 

Here’s some sage advice from Jill to other moms:

It’s so hard to believe, it’s hard to have faith, especially when things aren’t working out. It’s difficult and a challenge when you continuously ask for what you want and need in your life or at least what you think you want and need in your life, but that’s when you have to believe and have faith the most. Who knows how the blessings will flow or at what time or what hour those lessons are going to come. So I’d simply share to learn to be grateful for everything. When you give up, when you start to believe again, when you’re crying, when it hurts so bad, when you’re too embarrassed to face anybody— whatever—just be thankful because I believe that’s all God really wants from us is to be appreciative. It’s been my way of thinking and I’m hoping to teach this lil’ one these things.

Read Jill Scott’s interview about her pregnancy and motherhood on Essence.com.

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