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Inaugural Reading for Kids

51ydncuggnl_sl500_aa240_If your children are anything like mine they have probably watched thousands of hours of political coverage from the beginning of the presidential election to today and have heard the countless conversations you’ve had about this historic election with friends, family, and, yes, even strangers.

My girls are 10 and 8 and I often wonder how much they’re really soaking in. Sure, they know Barack Obama is the first black president, but do they really get it? Sometimes I quiz them to see how much they’re absorbing about how unprecedented this election was and they always say the right things, but they don’t feel the moment like those of us who can really understand, and how could they? They were born in a time when racism isn’t as “out there” as it once was. Heck, I was born in a time when racism wasn’t as “out there” as it once was.

I want my daughters to fully understand the importance of this day and Barack’s presidency, that’s why I’m so delighted Penguin sent  Barack Obama: United States President. It’s an updated and expanded children’s book that was originally published in 2007 and was a New York Times Best Seller. Written for children ages 6-8, Barack Obama: United States President: Updated and Expanded provides an impressive account of Barack’s upbringing, his college years, his early years with Michelle, his launch into politics, his time running for president, and caps off with his astonishing presidential victory.

Barack Obama: United States President is a book that should honestly be in every child’s book collection. It will help them gain a greater grasp of the importance of this day and of the brilliance of Barack Obama. Sometimes a book with illustrations and photographs can tell a story far better than any explanation on our part will ever do.  Roberta Edwards’s writing is on point and thorough, and very understandable for young children. Plus, I appreciate that Penguin published this book back in 2007 when *now* President Obama was just a rising star in politics; in fact, this is the first children’s biography written on Barack Obama, so this is one book that wasn’t hastily thrown together to capitalize on this day. 

— Jennifer James, Editor

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