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New Study Examines Moms By Race

istock_000001799194xsmallI along with other prominent mom bloggers from Mom in the City, Mel, A Dramatic Mommy and Integrated Mother partnered with BSM Media to look at mothers by race. The findings: Although mothers are largely the same no matter race, there are still marked differences between us. 

Main findings:

  • African American moms are more likely to delay major purchases (57%) and avoid stores to reduce shopping (54%). Caucasian moms are coping by using coupons and discount codes (73%) and driving fewer places to conserve gas (62%).
  • Caucasian moms named managing the desires of their children for material things as a challenge (45%), while African American moms are battling with affordable housing (35%).
  • While online, African American mothers are more likely to read articles (68%) and experience music (45%). Caucasian mothers are likely to frequent social networks (45%) and message boards (43%).

Click here to read more about the study. It is my hope that this research helps companies better market to black moms and do more outreach online to black mom bloggers (there are tons of us) as opposed to going to traditional media like magazines and radio to tout their message for black moms.

Are these findings consistent with your experience? Do you delay big puchases as opposed to using coupons? Is affordable housing one of your biggest challenges? Do you prefer to read articles online and listen to music as opposed to using social networks and message boards?

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