A Mom’s Story: Breastfeeding Mama

I have two boys (6 years and 3 mos) and I am a breastfeeding mama. I breastfed the 6 year old until he was 3years 4 mos when he self weaned. I am currently breastfeeding my second son and plan to do so for at least. 
My breastfeeding journey started in an interesting way. A few hours after I delivered my first son the nurses brought him to me to see if I wanted to breastfeed or bottle feed him. I wasn’t very educated at that time on breastfeeding and its benefits, so I told the nurses to go ahead and bottle feed him because I was still too groggy to do so. They tried repeatedly to get him to eat and he refused the bottle. 8 hours had passed by this time and I was feeling better so I asked the nurses to bring my son to me. The nurses told me that they tried without success to get him to eat and thought that I should give breastfeeding a go. I was reluctant to breastfeed, but concerned for my baby since he hadn’t eaten in 8 hours. He took to breastfeeding like a champ. 
When my first son was 2.5 mos I went back to work. It was difficult for both of us because he struggled with the bottle. The only way he would take the bottle was when he was extremely hungry and tired. I continued to breastfeed him at home even though I was working and pumped milk for him to drink during the day. When he was about 6 mos his babysitter suggested trying the sippie-cup and he liked that much better than the bottle and continued to drink breast milk from their.
At one year we found out he was lactose intolerant so we couldn’t give him regular milk. He didn’t like the taste of baby formula, so I continued to breastfeed at night and pumped milk for him in the day until he was about 1.5 years old. At that point I only breastfed at home and stopped pumping milk for him at the sitters.
My second son is doing well with breastfeeding, although he struggled in the beginning. I am grateful to the nurses at the hospital for introducing me to breastfeeding. It’s the best gift a mother can give her child.

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