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Adventures By Disney: European Alps – Alpine Magic

In the first of eight posts about Adventures by Disney, I will take a look at Disney’s European Alps – Alpine Magic destination trip for families. Adventures by Disney is expanding its list of itineraries by eight new destinations in 2009.

According to Disney you can experience the Alps like never before with private tour guides and cable car visits to the popular peaks of Northern Italy and Switzerland. The only thing more breathtaking than the view will be the amazing zip line ride through Forest Fun Park.

Adventure Highlights include:

  • Exclusive Junior Adventurers gelato tasting and pony rides
  • Lesson in pasta making, taught by professional chefs in Como, Italy
  • Sample wines with the local sommelier, while Junior Adventurers feast on grape juice and gourmet cookies
  • Relax during a scenic train ride with views of Matterhorn Mountain
  • Descent from the town of Andermatt on a 12 mile downhill bike ride
  • ..and much more

Visit Adventures by Disney to find out more information and to book your trip. 

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