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On the Prowl For New Office Furniture

I’ve always been a sucker for really great office furniture. It can be anything from a well-suited, ergonomic chair to a beautifully fashioned modern desk. Whatever it is, I want it! Since I do so much work in my home office, I rely on well-designed office chairs to keep my work pleasant and productive. Some chairs are certainly more pleasant to sit in than others, to say the least.

As a work-at-home mom I spend countless hours scouring the Net, updating my Web sites, blogging, calling other moms, and scheduling conference calls. It is imperative, then, that I have the most comfortable office furniture around. That also includes really great office desks that are functional and practical and have enough storage space including deep drawers and a long desk drawer where I have instant access to my pens, planner, and paper. And since my children are homeschooled I also have to keep in mind how much they need comfortable and stable desks and chairs as well.

After having moved a few weeks ago I have my eyes set on redoing my entire office and why not? I have a beautiful, huge window where the sun streams in every single day and I want to feel like I am really in an entirely new environment. Changing environments is a great way to change how productive you are in your life and buying a new chair, desk, storage solutions, or even a new rug can usually jump-start forward thinking and creativity in your life.

I think I will begin slowly instead of refurnishing my office all at once. I will begin first with a new office chair because comfort is key! It won’t be anything fancy and it certainly won’t cost me a fortune, but it will definitely do its job well. Then I will move to picking out a new desk, even though I am a little wedded to the one I currently have. It is definitely a nice desk, but I want something a little more modern with simple lines and creative storage space. In fact, I am looking for a lot of storage in a relatively small space. Anybody else have that criterion for a desk? That’s not too much to ask, is it? I want enough storage space so I don’t have to purchase a file cabinet to boot. Wait. Maybe I just need to throw out all my unnecessary junk. Sounds like a plan.

1 thought on “On the Prowl For New Office Furniture”

  1. It’s funny you posted that–I needed new office furniture for my home office so I went to Officedesigns.com to get the desk–Ameriwood or RTA are REALLY nice set ups (lots of space and really beautiful wood–value priced) and then I went to preownedaerons.com to get a nice ergonomic chair (Aeron, obviously). Again great price and great quality. For little office treats–like a footrest or an ergonomic mouse–I know Ultimatebackstore.com has some goodies! Happy shopping, my friend!

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