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Computer Health: Part I

All week we will bring pertinent advice about how you can keep your family computer healthy. There is nothing worse than a computer that no longer functions properly. Over the next seven days we will bring you expert solutions on how to keep your computer blissfully humming along.


Malware, viruses, identity theft and spyware account for about 80% of all computer issues resulting in downtime, reveals IT guru Chip Reaves. “It is estimated that the lost-productivity cost due to these alone is around $50 billion, and the associated IT costs of dealing with it has skyrocketed from $20 billion to $198 billion in the last five years.”

That is a lot of money and a lot of work-time lost. But Reaves, the National Director of Computer Troubleshooters, explains that there are certain simple tips everyone could adhere to businesses and individual computer users alike that will keep our computers (and wallets) in tip-top shape

1. Old Hardware. “Studies have shown that the likelihood of physical problems with computer equipment goes up significantly after 24 to 36 months,” says Reaves. “Consider replacing computer systems every three years, considering how inexpensive computers have become, one major repair bill could easily cost more than purchasing an entire new system.”

For more information, visit CompTroub.com.

Join us tomorrow when we share advice about power protection.

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