child health

Dental Fillings Safe for Children

For years parents and some researchers have raised pertinent questions about mercury-based dental fillings for children. Their concern has always been what neurological effect would the mercury fillings have on children.

Now a research team from the University of Portugal, Lisbon and the University of Washington have discovered the amalgams, or fillings, have no neurological effect on children at all.

Beginning in 1997, 507 Portuguese children between the ages of 8 and 12 were studied to determine if there was any link between mercury fillings and neurological disorders in adolescents. Routine tests such as sensory-motor skills tests and neurological assessments were taken and no disorders were discovered.

“These data indicate the absence of a generalized negative effect on children’s nervous system functions stemming from the presence of dental amalgam,” they continue, “and while we cannot rule out potential adverse reactions in individual children, we found no indications of any.”

This study was published in the February issue of the The Journal of the American Dental Association.

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