Here’s Your Chance to Win a $25,000 Renovated Room

We know there’s something very special about redecorating one’s living space. When you change something as simple as the color of your living room’s walls or buy a brand new sofa, you instantly feel renewed and invigorated.

How do you think you’d feel if you won a room renovation worth $25,000? Probably like a million bucks, right?

Kimberly-Clark, one of the most looked to companies for products moms love and routinely use like Huggies (R), Pull-Ups(R) and Kleenex(R) is giving away $25,000 each weekday in the Kimberly-Clark Room-A-Day Giveaway.

Kimberly-Clark will award 16 lucky winners $25,000 to renovate any room in their house between January 28 to February 15 on The View. The final contestant winner will be announced March 21st on the “Room-a-Day Giveaway” website.

Want to enter? We know you do! Enter the sweepstakes daily by going to

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