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Maternal Stress Heightens Kids’ Asthma Risk

Did you know that if you are depressed or stressed out your baby or toddler has a heightened risk of developing asthma? We know; where’s the correlation?

Researchers in Canada looked at 14,000 children’s medical records and discovered those children who were routinely admitted into hospital care for asthma also had mothers who showed maternal distress recorded by physicians or were prescribed depression medication.

Although researchers admit the correlation between maternal stress and asthma in children is difficult to determine they have pinpointed a few maternal stressors that are known causes of asthma.

Depressed mothers are more likely to smoke and least likely to breastfeed. Research also shows depressed mothers are also least likely to bond and interact with their babies. Animal studies have shown maternal rejection and little contact between mother and child weakens a baby’s immune system.

Online Reading Resources for Postpartum Depression

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