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New Vaccine for Babies, Safe Baby Bottles, NY City Party for Parents + Call for Writers

Connecting to literature is a pastime we, as mothers, should all indulge in. Good books are good for the soul and for your intellect. In addition to the great contemporary fiction that graces store shelves, don’t forget about the classics. We recommend anything by James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison. Did you know you can read previously unpublished plays written by Zora Neale Walker on the Library of Congress Web site? They’re definitely worth reading.

Here’s what’s new on MommyToo.com

  • You’ve probably heard about the baby bottles that contain the dangerous substance BPA. Click here to learn more about keeping your baby safe and where to find BPA-free bottles.
  • A research team in Britain has successfully created a new vaccine for babies that protects against meningococcal disease. Do you think there are too many vaccines as it is, or do you think the more, the better? Take our poll.
  • If you’re a New York City blogger, you’re invited to a free party at the New York Kids’ Club. Get your invitation!

We’re looking for writers! In the next few weeks we will be rolling out a new blog, Black Moms, Big Issues. We are looking for mothers who know how to write about controversial topics in the world of news and parenting and be able to back it up. If interested, please email us at info (at )mommytoo (dot) com for guidelines.

Meet moms. Be the next Mommy Too! member.

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