New Employment Alternative: Bringing Babies to Work

As more women try to make work and motherhood mesh, innovative employment alternatives are popping up all the time that attempt to alleviate the stress of mothers going back to work after maternity leave.

In recent decades, mothers began using flexible hours to stay at home with her children at least part-time. Increasing numbers of corporate employers now offer on-site daycare. And, mothers who can’t swing these options sometimes find themselves monitoring their children via a video feed from their child’s care facility.

Now, working mothers are doing something unthinkable: taking their babies to work. An article on, Who’s the Boss, talks about this growing trend. A brand-new institute, the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, has compiled a list of 70 American companies that allow mothers to bring their babies to the workplace.

Mary Secret, a social-work professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, found that babies in the workplace can actually raise moral among colleagues. “We have tended to have this myth of the separation between work and family,” Secret says. “In reality, that never existed.”

On the Net:

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