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What’s New in Books (January 1-7, 2008)


Fisher-Price and Harper Collins Children have teamed up in a five-year deal to create an entire line of books targeted to babies and toddlers. Each book in the series will aid in fostering essential developmental milestones in children such as picture identification and increasing their vocabulary and word use. These Fisher-Price books will also help infants and toddlers develop their budding senses with bright colors, musical sounds and playful textures that make learning fun for your child.   

“Who Lives in the Rainforest” (1), “All About My Day”(2), and “The World Around Me”(4) all foster eye-hand coordination as either a sturdy lift and flap book, wheel reveal book, or photo insert book. All three titles playfully encourage creativity where everyday activities are presented in a fun and comforting manner.

“Ear, Nose, and Toes(5)” will help your child heighten self-recognition, curiosity, and language development as it goes through all of your child’s major body parts. “Ear, Nose, and Toes” also has a convenient stroller strap attached allowing you to easily carry this favorite wherever you go.





Little One Step (3)
All Little One Step wants to do is get to his mommy, but to him it seems like an awfully long trip through the woods and to the pond. Thankfully his older brothers encourage him to persevere by telling him to take little steps and he will eventually get to the pond. “Little One Step”(3) is an award-winning book that conveys the classic theme of taking one’s time to achieve one’s goals.   

As moms, we really recommend all of the Fisher-Price books. Your little one will enjoy exploring his world and the world around him in these books and they will give you the opportunity to teach and share with your infant or toddler.

For us, “Little One Step” is also a must-read because it’s a nice reminder that brilliant children’s book can have simple themes and minimal illustrations.

Ready to Reach Some Milestones With Your Baby or Toddler?

Fisher-Price: All About My Day: Baby’s First Scrapbook (Fisher-Price)
Ages Newborn+
Price: $6.99



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