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Happy New Year!

This year don’t make any resolutions. Resolutions were made to be broken. Instead, make revelations about your life, your passions, your desires, your hang-ups, your joys, and insecurities. And then throughout the course of the year, take baby steps to create a more revitalized and refreshed you. That’s much better than going to the gym for three days straight and then never going back or trying to change your diet in one day. It’s OK, mom — take baby steps toward happiness, not one giant leap.

Here’s what’s new on

We’re big advocates of breastfeeding, but we draw the line at breastfeeding a seven-year-old! Watch this video, then tell us what you think.

It’s cold outside, so you definitely want to stay warm. Why not stay warm and help the environment, too? Read our review of Ecolution’s Hemp Organic Rainbow Scarf.

Learn important tips to help prevent your baby from succumbing to SIDS.

All pregnant moms want to avoid stretch marks. See how to smooth away birth marks in our feature for {tummy tips} tuesday.

Are you a crock-pot fan? If yes, we’ve got great sales for crock-pot addicts.

SAY SOMETHING: What do you plan to do differently as a mother in 2008? Let us know on our parenting blog.

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